Wednesday, February 29, 2012

take a leap, I say...

I put a challenge out to my boys this morning.  I told them that this day only comes around once every four years, so why not try something new today.  Do something brave, something you might normally be too shy or frightened to do, something that will make you feel good...

Now I wait with baited breath, what was I thinking!!?? 

I'm awaiting a phone call from the school principal at any given moment...

..and feeling a little compelled to try something new myself, take a leap...

* update:  the big boy phoned through his own order to a store, a big deal for this shy fella! The middle hit the basketball court all guns blazing, who knew he had it in him!? And the the little guy played with the girls.  Not a bad effort by all my boys.  As for me, I spent the day trying to think of something 'BIG' but came up with nothing.  Disapointed, yes..

Monday, February 27, 2012

a HOT weekend..

I spent time this weekend capturing the light around our place at different times of day.. 
I got a bit camera happy, carried away & having fun with Instagram.. 
it was stinking hot & the garden was in need of some attention..

loads of silverbeet made a gorgeous spanakopita, those tomatoes are going into tonight's pasta..
we spent the day at the beach on Saturday, but I've no pictures to show for it, we were in the water the entire time we were there.. 
then late yesterday the weather turned, dark clouds gradually took over the sky, an eerie smell of fire smoke filled the air, always unsettling, but it blew over fairly soon & according to the news, it was all under control.

It was our 12th wedding anniversary yesterday.  We had plans to go out to a local cafe for lunch, sip chilled wine while watching the kids play on the beach, but we didn't do any of that, in fact after some gardening, getting uniforms & work shirts ready for the week, we all parked it on the couch or in cushion cubbies, stayed in the cool & watched Dennis the Menace & Ice Age.  Sometimes it's just nice to do nothing... 

Thursday, February 23, 2012


my creative space this week has been varied, using different textured yarns... 
rugged jute, my favourite..
gorgeous cottons..
and dainty, shimmery thread...
from dainty to robust!
I'm waiting to find a nice big hook to start working with this rope, I'll keep you posted on that, can't wait!

more creative space over here...

Thursday, February 16, 2012

my creative space..covers

I'm busily making iPhone pouches... 
simple, practical..
I love making these, I love the look of their tight stitches using this cotton with 3mm hook..

and speaking of covers, I just have to share this glorious Kate Miller-Heidke cover of M & M's (eminem, that's how much I know) 'Slim Shady'. I was a little, actually alot, concerned about the 10yr old being very into M&M (eminem) at the moment (I know,10!) I do feel it's all a bit too heavy & dark for him. 

So, I tried to sell him this version, if you're going to listen to dark lyrics & bad language, it may as well sound pretty. I LOVED it..he didn't...

language warning!!

and more creative places can be joined in here...

Sunday, February 12, 2012

sunday snippets...

making things on a rainy Saturday..
getting all dressed up for a lovely lady's birthday dinner..
learning to ride a bike... 


simple pleasures...

this was my weekend.  And that's what I was doing when I heard the very sad news, the end of a beautiful but troubled life.  Oh, how I loved you Whitney, you were my 80's..

Join in & share your week that was with tinniegirl..

Thursday, February 9, 2012

photo fun...

I'm super excited to have my new iphone and step into the modern age.  While hubby was busily setting up all the important stuff, all I really cared about was getting Instagram up & running!
and here it is, FUN!
Random snaps around the house this morning..
the big school boy's 1st reader for the year, read about a thousand times before dinner last night & again this morning..
and my heart aches just a bit as I watch him march into class for another big day...

more creative spaces here...

Monday, February 6, 2012


The day has arrived, the night has been and gone.  I have been truly spoiled by beautiful friends & family, and feel very, very grateful indeed..

everything looked fabulous at night time too, with fairy lights & candles in abundance twinkling all around.

Today I am grateful for celebrations...

fairy lights


perfect warm weather





chocolate covered strawberries

ice creams

gorgeous people

great music

dancing shoes

join Maxabella here.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

summer snippets..

goodbye summer holidays, what a joy you were!  Loads of lazy beach days, hanging around home days, family, friends, books, board games, quiet time..bliss!

A snippet of our summer...

a highlight: seeing super talent Busby Marou live!  Look at me, busting excited!!

going bush..

boat dreaming..

boat reality...
beach cricket.. 
backyard cricket..
practice runs..
camping..of sorts..
barefoot bowls..
summer harvesting.. 

We did a whole lot of nothing, yet we crammed so much in. 
School tomorrow, baby's first day...sigh...