Monday, February 13, 2017

Getting organised..

Well it's a brand new year and a brand new week!

It's been quite some time since I've posted anything here on my dear old blog.  This place I used to spend so much time, I miss it that's for sure.  Now that my baby has started kinder (!!) I might find time to be here a little more often. Here's hoping! 

Think of all the things I'm going to be able to get done, my head is whirling in anticipation!  To start with, I'm going to take the plunge and delve into the chaos that is our digital photo library.  Wrapped in my arms there is about 8 years of treasured moments and memories.  It's overwhelming for sure, but it has to be done and I'm really excited to get it sorted.

I'll be participating in an online course with Life Captured Inc. and I can't wait!

Back before the world went digital, I was quite meticulous with my photo keeping.  As soon as a film was developed, the photos went straight into their relevant albums.  We kept the albums in the living room and they would be flicked through and enjoyed often.  I really miss that, I feel like the kids have been deprived of what used to be one of our favourite things to do.

My goal is to sort our photo files and have those precious memories printed into books to be enjoyed once again.     

Wish me luck!!

Ronnie and Trish of Life Captured Inc. are very generously offering my Instagram followers a 10% discount when you enter the code LOVEDBY at the checkout.  So come on and join me!