Thursday, December 12, 2013

make do..


Our old deck chairs were looking a bit worse for wear, and there was only so much re-stitching (and re-stitching) you could do to patch them up.  They're a bit larger than your average deck chair and all the standard slip covers I bought in the past would never fit right.  So, I found these navy floral thrifted pillow slips and made some new covers. Now I just need to give the timber a bit of an oil and they will be almost good as new!

They'll see us through christmas, but I can't see them staying.  I think it's the dark background...and maybe the pattern.  I always do this.  I'm just best to stick to my neutrals.  When will I learn...  

Still, at least we can sit on them now!

What have you been getting up to lately?

Share your creative space here..  

Thursday, December 5, 2013


it's getting festive around here, and this year it's super exciting because we're hosting Christmas lunch for my family! It's our first time of doing it for real and the first year we've not had to travel anywhere, YAY! 

so, we're crafting and cleaning and being inspired by our surroundings.  We're keeping things simple and rugged and rustic..

and a little bit sweet!

*I just found out that Kirsty is back with My Creative Space, squeeee! How super exciting!  So I've had to pop back here after posting this today to link up.  Oh the happiness..

So firstly, let me just say I did not make that fabulous pinecone wreath, it was the first christmas decoration I ever purchased when we bought our first home and were newly married.  My creative space this week has been getting my christmas on.  We made tin lanterns, which my boys thought was the best fun.  Ice, hammers, nails and everyone was happy!

I've been hanging branches all over the place adorned with anything from fairylights, baubles to little birdies.    

How about you, are you getting your Christmas on? Are you as happy as I am to have 'My Creative Space' back?