Monday, November 30, 2015


I spy the faintest sprinkle of freckles appearing across her nose
that sweet, sweet neck is for kissing
all the gentle sweetness, it far outweighs the two year old horrid
we're in the process of learning the concept of sharing
a wreath of dried weeds, and all she sees is a crown
the little girl emerging..looking a little bit too grown up for my liking
counting grazes, there are many..
so in love with the ocean
"a Kristoff tree!!"
she means crystal, but she's still Frozen obsessed

presents and parties and cake! 
She has never been to a real birthday party before, but she talks about it everyday

a huge 10 weeks of portrait catch up! I can't believe there's only four to go, and I can't believe I've managed a picture every single week so far. Hugely proud of myself, and so loving to look back on memorable moments captured each week of her little life this year.

you can join in with more lovely portraits over at practicing simplicity..

Thursday, November 12, 2015


pretty piles awaiting my attention..

a neat stack of unfinished blankets

a very slow going work in progress

beautiful merino

wooden hooks

does anyone know why all my pictures and text are publishing in the centre when I have written them all to be on the left? blogger mysteries..

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

the sunset series..

The last of our birthday sunsets for the year.  This one seemed to need a whole lot more effort by us all just to leave the house, and there's an obvious mood about these pictures I think.  Dog poo scattered like land mines along the walking track and a shoreline covered in washed up seaweed just adding to the tone of the evening really.

I'm glad we did it though.  Even as we headed home I felt like it was meant to be that way, an honest refection of everything right now.  A bit messy. It can't be magical all of the time, but a chance to wander by the ocean, feel the damp sea mist on your skin and sand under your feet.  Time to breathe. You just have to make those moments happen and enjoy them for what they are.

We're all a bit worn out, a bit snippy and short tempered.  With six weeks left of term and coming to the end of our busiest time of year, frankly, we all just need a break.

It's been a big week of milestones and special family time, too.  Moments to treasure for sure.  I can sense the emotion of it all building in us, in me, and I'm waiting to be able to just let it all go.

We celebrated our little guy turning nine this week.  He had the BEST day, followed by more celebrations throughout the weekend. Those are the greatest birthdays, the ones that seem to go for days.

Nine.  In my mind, time has stood still since the day Olive was born and he was just six.  I feel like he's still six, but he's not and its like I've missed three whole years of his little life.

He'll always be my baby, I know, but nine has just come out of nowhere and to think that he'll be double figures next is mind blowing.

He's almost finished grade three and it has to have been the best year of school for him so far.  The support and encouragement of the most incredible teacher has been extraordinary.  Some people are just born to do what they do, aren't they, we'll be sad not to have him as a teacher next year, but he will have left the most positive and lasting impression on Eddie, one he'll draw on as he grows and always remember.

This little guy of ours, maybe not our baby but still little.  He makes me smile and fills my heart with happy contentment when he creeps up and hugs me from behind, still, he's always done that.  He sits at the dining table and his feet dangle high off the ground, and he has to climb the front gate to be able to open it.

He's affectionate and loving and considerate.  He's still feisty and has a short fuse, but as he grows he's learning to mange it.  He doesn't like it when his temper gets the better of him, but he's trying hard.  Outbursts are few and far between and over pretty quickly these days.

He writes us love letters and tells us how wonderful we are.  He draws constantly, its like a meditation for him and he's really very good.

He loves dinosaurs and lego and batman and spiderman.

We took him to aerodrome on the weekend and he saw a much bigger boy bouncing and climbing walls with effortless skill.  I could see the look in our Eddie's eyes.  Awe.  This guy looked like he could be a real life Peter Parker the way he scaled those walls.  Then I watched on as our little guy, ever so tentatively, tried it himself.  He was too shy and worried people might see him so stopped. Always so worried about what other people might think.  I'm not sure where that insecurity crept in, but I wish he could just believe in himself a little bit more, see what we see, and give it a go.  He would be a natural at those spiderman moves.

Our Eddie.  You're awesome baby boy.  We love you to bits!

thanks to Nick for the pics as always, which for some reason will not align properly in this post..?