Friday, May 29, 2020

Taking stock..

I do like a little TAKING STOCK post.  Time to notice, reflect and appreciate stuff.  Here's what's happening in my world this weird and wonderful May..

Making: Crochet shawls, and working on unfinished projects 

Cooking: Hearty one pot casseroles full of veg and goodness

Sipping: Wine, maybe a little too often, but enjoying it

Reading: Phosphorescence by Julia Baird

Waiting: Everyday feels a bit like waiting at the moment, I'm not sure for what, just waiting

Looking: forward to a family gathering where all of our babies can finally play and hug and have fun together.  Also, I can't wait to have all my brothers in one place and to hug them tight

Listening: to my clever boy's ISOLATION EP, loving it and moving to it regularly

Wishing: I could knit! I will persevere

Enjoying: Having my boys still at home remote learning, random chats with them and seeing them so happy and relaxed about it all.

Appreciating: Our wonderful teachers! Seriously, beyond words.  They've been nothing short of amazing.  Olive's teacher has been so reassuring, and supportive and SO much fun, he should really be on Playschool.

Eating: all the chocolate my babies bought me for Mother's Day

Liking: that my boys can see their friends again.  Kids need their mates, I'm aware of that now more than I ever was before

Loving: Autumn sunshine and the stunning pastel skies at night

Buying: Food! We are going through so much food with these boys home everyday

Managing: to allow myself time for quiet, still working on the inherent need to justify it though

Watching: Dead to Me on Netflix

Hoping: That there's a change to our 'normal' as restrictions ease. That people realise things can be done differently, slower, with more focus on the important stuff.

Wearing: My favourite PRIMOEZA hand knit and linen jumpsuit almost everyday, it's like my uniform

Noticing: I'm a better gardener than I ever thought!  I just always assumed I'd be crappy at it, but turns out I actually have a bit of a green thumb.  Who knew?!

Sorting: through toys and clothes the kids have outgrown

Getting: tips on how to darn and repair holes in favourite knits

Bookmarking: balustrade designs, ours needs replacing as our children grow taller and much bigger.

Coveting: Wendy's beautiful FLOWERFOLK dresses.  They remind me of my Mum's favourite dresses that I always hoped I'd inherit, but sadly were tossed out somewhere along the way

Feeling: grateful that my husband's work has been secure and ongoing 

Hearing: constant finger boarding tricks coming from the little guys room, a lot of online group chatter coming from the middle guy's room and sweet sounds of guitar strumming from the biggest.

Taking Stock with Pip HERE.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

The shawl..

A gift for my beautiful mum on Mother's Day.

This was such a joy to make. Well, it was after about my 15th attempt at trying to achieve the perfect triangle angle! I started it a few months ago when I stumbled across this gorgeous Italian cotton on a clearance table, but I got so sick of it not working and threw it in my 'works-in-progress' basket for another day. 

Isolation has been a great reminder to make do with what I already have, and also, nothing says "I love you" like handmade.  So I dug it up and persevered. The end result was definitely worth all the frustrating fails.  I've never been able to follow patterns, as you may know already. I don't know what it is but my brain just doesn't function that way. So like everything, it's trial and error and making it up as I go.  I really hope I can remember this one because I can't wait to make another!