Thursday, January 30, 2014


the baby turns one..

here you are, as rugged as you are gentle
with your sweet soft voice, you try to mimic everything we say
you've also discovered just how loud your voice can be when you think its necessary
you crawl, you climb the stairs and use furniture to pull yourself up to stand
you look for any opportunity to grab at something you know you shouldn't have, you're quick 
you scream broken hearted when the stair gate closes behind us
your face lights up when we can't bare it and come back for you
you'll only wear a hairclip until you realise its there
your 7th tooth just cut through and suddenly the tireless clinging and grumpiness makes sense
food is 'nya-nya' and you'll eat just about anything especially when it comes from someone else's plate
breast feeding is still fairly frequent, and I think I enjoy it as much as you do
that soft new hair growing on your forehead, sigh
you captivate your brothers and they are thrilled with everything you do
water is your favourite, bath, pool or beach
you clap your hands, 'sing' twinkle little star and the I love you song
you tell everyone to 'sshh' at bed time and early in the morning
you will play and discover for ages, content and happy in your own company
when you pull me close and bury your face into my neck, I can feel your wet lips on my skin and I'm overcome by the love in my heart
I could not love you more.

happy first birthday darling girl x

Saturday, January 25, 2014


a portrait of my children..

olive: tender moments breastfeeding you, my favourite times of the day..

eddie: you were so hurt that your brother asked for some space and didn't want to play, then lost yourself in your own quite lego building time for hours..

harvey: I see the teenager emerging..

james: playing make-believe, your imagination is tireless and infinite..setting up base camp on the back deck..

all portraits this week are compliments of the Mr..thank you x

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Monday, January 20, 2014

the everyday..taking stock

making: scarves, I've a sudden urge to make, hoorah!
cooking: roast vegie soup for tomorrow night, raw beetroot salad and lamb koftas for tonight
drinking: a crisp sav blanc has been heavenly at the end of those stinking hot days last week
reading: a country style mag, it's taken me a month to get my hands on a copy!
wanting: to get school ready but procrastinating terribly
looking: at how overgrown our hedges are, it's like a jungle out there 
playing: with olive, building block towers for her to knock down with vigour
wasting: way too much time on instagram
sewing: nothing, but I've a gorgeous blue linen just waiting to become a dress
wishing: there was a magic potion for teething babies
enjoying: summer holidays and not having an agenda
waiting: anxiously for the rush to hit, this time last year work was manic, but we were still learning 
liking: watching the madmen series with the mr, we missed it when it was on tele
wondering: if taking on the photography side of our business will be manageable 
loving: how the boys loose themselves in imaginative play 
hoping: the big boys transition to high school is a smooth one 
marvelling: at how much all three of them have grown over the summer break
needing: an uninterrupted nights sleep
smelling: ocean air, you can always tell when the seaweed has been washed up onto the beach
wearing: linen..and trying to always wear a sunhat outside
following: my own advice for a change    
noticing: how much work needs to be done to this house, urgh..painting, plumbing, electrics  
knowing: I have to move the boys rooms and dreading the logistics 
thinking: the room changes will be a good opportunity to get rid of stuff
feeling: challenged already by my word/s for this year
bookmarking: nothing, not needing any further distractions
opening: lots of mail thats been sitting on the bench for days 
giggling: at the middle guy's joy in the simplest of things, like having weet-bix for breaky!
feeling: frustrated by a teething baby who just wants to be in my arms all day..and guilt about feeling frustrated

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Sunday, January 19, 2014


a portrait of my children..

olive: blinds drawn to keep out the scorching heat and you can't help but sit right there in the hot sun..a week indoors has not been much fun but you've kept yourself entertained exploring every inch of this house..

james: using your new boogie board for the first time and having a blast! you can't get enough of riding those crisp, white waves..though you did get dumped which gave you enough of a fright to take five..

eddie: after a week away at nan and pops (previous post) stepping into the sea at dusk for you truly was coming home, it was written all over your face..

harvey: you practically had the ocean to yourself, cooling off after another 44 degree day and you could have stayed there rolling in those fresh gentle waves forever..

joining in with Jodi at practicing simplicity.. 

Friday, January 17, 2014


this little guy came home after a week at nan and pops.  He loves it there, they all do, but it's been super hot with 40 plus temperatures everyday and I think he is just worn out.

after dinner last night we took a wander down to the beach in the breeze, jumped some waves and cooled our core.  Watching him tentatively step into the water was pure joy.  The smile on his face, the sheer delight at jumping each little wave as they rolled into shore, happy squeals as though it was his first visit to the sea...there's no place like home.

Monday, January 13, 2014

the everyday..

we've been watching family movies of the boys when they were just tiny, and it's been like fuel for my heart and soul.

watching these, mostly insignificant, everyday moments in time has reminded me of the importance of keeping this blog.  I've struggled to find anything much to write about here of late, a purpose, an interest.

Sometimes theres been just so much to share that it's been too overwhelming and I've not known where to begin, so I didn't.  I thought perhaps I'd grown out of being here.  Instagram is quick and easy and I'm forever on there posting pictures of random things, but it's this space that holds so much of our life, so much of the incidental every day as well as milestones and special events.

so I've found my motivation in the everyday.  I've missed being here regularly, and although I'm not yet certain of what I'll be posting or how often, or even if anyone other than my gang and I will read it, I know I want to keep it going and I'm hoping I'll find a new groove..

Sunday, January 12, 2014


a portrait of my children..

olive : standing at every opportunity, those little legs get stronger everyday but I think your first steps are quite a while away..

james : a new found interest in filming, he has quite an eye for it..

harvey : rescuing our nectarines from broken branches that couldn't survive the strong winds we've been having this week..

eddie is away at nan and pops for a holiday, so I've missed a photo opportunity with him this time..

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Monday, January 6, 2014


a portrait of my children..

harvey : acoustic drums for christmas, and he's getting so good! The plan is to make space out in the back garage for them, but so far we're really enjoying them in the living room..

james & eddie : always side by side and always so deep in conversation..

olive : the beach you may love, your hat you do not! watching those chunky legs splash about in the water is joyous..

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 one word..and christmas snippets

my word for 2013 was 'strength'.  It's only a word, but nominating it as my one word made it something more tangible and solid in my heart and my head.  I needed a lot of it emotionally and physically, when our role as parents was challenged and our strength tested.  This word was one I needed to hold tight and would draw on during some really difficult times, and its one I will keep in the fore of my mind like a prayer always.

my word this year is actually two.. 'let go'.

I get so caught up in making sure everything is just so, routine is rarely broken, children are mostly in bed on time and things are always organised.  This is just me.  It's how I keep on top of everything and try to feel in control.  I simplify and do my best not to overcommit.  This is all good, but I feel that it might be time to relax things a bit.  I need to forget about routine sometimes and let my boys enjoy longer days, go for evening walks, hit the beach after school.. to just let go.

I want to be more spontaneous occasionally, to make more time to enjoy these beautiful babies, to live this life and to make memories from the moments.

how about you..what's your one word this new year?

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