Sunday, April 29, 2012

our week..via instagram

there's always a tree to be climbed..
a teddy's birthday party to be had..
a visit to Bells Beach, the calmest seas I've ever seen there.. 
the JOY of roadside stalls, to stop & shop for dinner..
crocheting for the masses..
layering up, it's what I love most about the cooler months.. 
and settling in after busy days...

I hope your week has been a great one.  Hubby's back at work & its time for me to re-establish routines again.  So far, so good.  Funny how you can start to miss the busy..x

Thursday, April 26, 2012

for the love of crochet..

I've been crochet hopping from one project to the next.  There's a bundle of woolly goodness in progress in lots of little nooks around our home.  I'm making gifts for people I love, new babies and friends...
crochet in the yard..
in the car..
and random places.. 
I've been crocheting lots of things that I've had to make & have finished in time for different places, but isn't it nice to just make for the sake of making... 
I made this basic double cowl for my mother in law.  The colour spoke to me immediately, calling out her name. So I just had to buy it & make this for her. I do think she'll like it..

more creative spaces here...

Thursday, April 19, 2012

good stuff..

just look at that picture, I live here!!
I feel blessed every day that I see this beautiful ocean...
I've been inspired (as I always am when I read Kate's blog) to look around me, look through the busy, the chaos, the crappy stuff to whats wonderful in this life.  So here I am, taking a look around..
we ended the holidays climbing enormous trees...
hitting the city..
visiting the Aquarium, loving the street performers and the incredible heights of the skydeck..
School started back this week, the big boy went on camp all the way to Canberra and comes home tonight - YAY!! it's not been easy for this muma having him so far away, I'm busting to hold him in my arms tight as can be..
Hubby's still on holidays.  We've been taking long walks along the beach, stopping here & there for lunch or a coffee.  Talking about big things like the future, our dreams.  
We've been riding our bikes over the bridge to a favourite spot for morning tea. All very indulgent, I know! Today we tried a new place for brekky just out of town.  I wish I'd taken pictures, it was beautiful...
We've been shopping, updating the mans wardrobe, buying a new toaster and stumbling upon the brightest yellow gumboots..
we've enjoyed beautiful Autumn sunshine..
and marveled at high tides.

Life's not all sunshine and rainbows, but it sure is important to stop and take in all the good that surrounds us every now and then.  Writing about it and recording it here makes me feel happy, lucky and helps to put things into perspective.  

Acknowledging the good stuff, being grateful makes the hard stuff easier to bare, don't you think? I do...


Sunday, April 15, 2012

flea market find...

joining in with Her Library Adventures flea market finds today...

we took a wander in the autumn sunshine to the local car boot sale yesterday, there's always treasure to be found, and this gorgeous old candelabra was a welcome sight..
perfect for our back deck, perhaps even prettier with some candles on it!  Hubby came home with a pile of books, each of the boys found a knick-knack or two.  

Coffee in the park under a shady tree, the kids  play & meet up with friends they have so missed during the holidays, all makes for a very nice day out..

(no, I still haven't trimmed that hedge...)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

holidays so far...via instagram

treasure hunts at sunrise..
 picnics on the beach, cubby building in the tea trees, and this hardworking man stops...
heading to Beatrix in Nth Melbourne for morning tea.
This is the first time our boys have been and OH were they impressed!! 
The most divine cake ever, red velvet cake & chocolate chiffon, heaven I tell you! 
They told Nan and Pop all about it when we reached their place.  Mum said the boys were describing it all so dreamily it was like they could still taste it on their lips...
 Nat's growing collection of beaters is looking gorgeous, a work of art & quirky fun..
and then up to Nan & Pop's for a few days of running over rolling hills, bush walks, sleeping out in the camper and catching up with family...
the traditional Good Friday picnic in this same (very old) park with my entire family.  
There are so many of us we need to use public facilities for catching up because there are too many to fit in any one persons house! 
We've been coming to this same place for my whole life, my parents started the tradition before I was born, when they were first married...  
old school round-a-bout, the best ride ever!
Here I am on the whizzy with my little guy, I do nothing but laugh on this thing, really, really laugh! 
Though I find it much safer on the middle wire than the seats these days, there's always a spill..
on the way home..
I tried to capture this moment when hubby and I were singing our hearts out to a favourite song, 
the boys tired out in the backseat watching, listening & taking it all in.
It was a moment that made my heart feel suddenly so full, a most grateful moment.

Though as pointed out by the big boy I look really cross in this picture!

join maxabella's grateful list here...   

Happy Easter to you all!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

brighter days..

better days on the horizon..
the sun shines, it's holidays!  
We're well rested, feeling brighter.  
A morning stroll, fresh air and quiet moments to breathe does wonders for the spirit.. 

..thanks so much for kind words of wisdom on my last post, they were of great comfort, truly..x

Sunday, April 1, 2012


He did it, he broke me.

The little guy, for all his gorgeousness broke me down.  He is the most unbelievably strong willed little person I've ever known.  Nothing works on him like it did on the others.  He pushes and he pushes, he's relentless.  He knows, always, that the outcome is not going to be in his favour, we've never given in to his tantrums, bad behaviour has never been rewarded.  He always ends up missing out and loosing privilages, yet he just keeps on pushing.

It is getting a tiny bit better.  These moments are fewer & often shorter, so hopefully he's growing out of them altogether, oh how I hope he is!

I know you have to pick your battles, but I feel torn here. I can't just accept this kind of behaviour for the sake of peace & quiet, surely that's not going to benefit him out there in the real world.

It started at bed time, I could see where it was headed early on, I could have gone to him, soothingly, catering to his unreasonable demands, it would all have been avoided if I had.  Hubby's away for a few days, it helps when we have each other to take turns dealing with this.  On and on he went, then suddenly snap, I lost it. Lost my temper.  Of course the entire situation just escalated from there, of course it did!  Tears, anger, yelling & banging.  

In the end no one got what they wanted and nothing was achieved.  

I didn't sleep.  He wakes up perfectly happy ready to start a new day, no mention of the night before, while I lie there exhausted, flat, and well, just broken. 

I got up made pancakes, like Daddy usually does on the weekend, but there was no love in those pancakes I tell you!  I sat,had my brekky, trying to work out how I get passed this like he does, having a sulky muma isn't helpful and I can feel the atmosphere in our home.

Today's a new day. 

Today he's been his lovely, gorgeous self (most of the time).  Affectionate, considerate, funny.  Playing beautifully with his brothers, constantly sneaking up and wrapping his arms tight as can be around me.  He's