Wednesday, February 29, 2012

take a leap, I say...

I put a challenge out to my boys this morning.  I told them that this day only comes around once every four years, so why not try something new today.  Do something brave, something you might normally be too shy or frightened to do, something that will make you feel good...

Now I wait with baited breath, what was I thinking!!?? 

I'm awaiting a phone call from the school principal at any given moment...

..and feeling a little compelled to try something new myself, take a leap...

* update:  the big boy phoned through his own order to a store, a big deal for this shy fella! The middle hit the basketball court all guns blazing, who knew he had it in him!? And the the little guy played with the girls.  Not a bad effort by all my boys.  As for me, I spent the day trying to think of something 'BIG' but came up with nothing.  Disapointed, yes..


  1. What will your leap be Mel? You've got me thinking now......

  2. Oh what a lovely notion. I could make my children leap out & try brussel sprouts. No, i could not lead by example.
    Yes, i've had the school nurse call to say my children took a leap & crash!! My favourite was "your daughter was tap dancing in the rain on a metal bench" & they went down like dominos, i wasn't alone collecting wet broken children that day.
    Honey, you can laugh at my expense anyday, i laugh at dignity, i could never take myself too seriously, i'm a mother for goodness sake!! Love Posie

  3. I hope you leapt today. I participated here which was a huge leap for me! (Hope the boys didn't get into any trouble today :) )

  4. Great thinking! Love your idea and thanks for the inspiration, sometimes we can play it a bit safe can't we? Life is for living! Hope you are having a fab week Mel, and your lovely boys too xo

  5. Fab idea Mel! Wish I had taken a leap yesterday but I guess any day is just as good as any :)


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