Wednesday, February 1, 2012

summer snippets..

goodbye summer holidays, what a joy you were!  Loads of lazy beach days, hanging around home days, family, friends, books, board games, quiet time..bliss!

A snippet of our summer...

a highlight: seeing super talent Busby Marou live!  Look at me, busting excited!!

going bush..

boat dreaming..

boat reality...
beach cricket.. 
backyard cricket..
practice runs..
camping..of sorts..
barefoot bowls..
summer harvesting.. 

We did a whole lot of nothing, yet we crammed so much in. 
School tomorrow, baby's first day...sigh...


  1. It all looks perfect especially the beach. Hope the first day of school goes well for your little man and that you will be OK. x

  2. But all such fabulous memories to keep Mel! Including Baby's first day! Hang in there! :) x

  3. Good times, Mel. A happy school year awaits! x

  4. Just remember its ok to cry, I cried and cried....but the noise will bustle through the door same time every day!
    Go have lunch with a friend!

  5. Gorgeous shots!!! What a lovely summer you have had. I liked seeing the photo's of cutie pie. Hey, look at that big school boy! Wowsers! Is he starting tomorrow? I'm sure he will have a fantastic day, I can remember how I was feeling this time last year, a bit shaky! Thinking of you Mel, thanks for sharing your beautiful summer snippets xo

  6. Looks like a fabulous Summer Mel. Love the Busby Marou pic, think I would be beaming as well.

    Hope all went well with the little mans first day!



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