Monday, April 25, 2016

april portraits..

stormy skies, soft warm winds and fresh clean sand just waiting for tiny feet

a pocket full of posies

a moment of still

" Look a this! Look a meee!" the youngest of four, always trying to get a laugh out of her brothers.. forever our clown

The roller coaster that is three!

Boy oh boy is this little chicken ramping things up.  

The curdling screech is pretty much her go-to voice if requests are not met within .5 of a second.

She has to do everything herself, and must assist everyone else with what they do also.

You can not laugh, ever, when you catch her doing something totally adorable without risking attack and tantrum.

She will eat constantly.

She completely and utterly refuses to toilet train.

Heaven help us if there is not a 'dancer' skirt available to wear on any given day.  A pocket dress, might be allowed with some coaxing and promises of treasures to be found.

She will let out a shrill that could shatter glass just randomly, for no apparent reason.

She will talk all. day. long!

Fortunately though, she tells the best stories.

She sings instructions and twirls through her days.

She is the family clown and loves to make us laugh (on her terms) with her talking belly voice.

She loves nothing more than to be helping outside, and she is the hardest little worker ever!

Her bedtime routine is a performance for all the family to see.

Her imagination is boundless and watching her play is pure joy.

She hugs hard and kisses often.

She will sit right by her brothers side when they are sad or upset, and she won't leave until they're smiling again.

She closes her little prayer hands and tucks them under her cheek to sleep.

She is bossy.  She is loud.  She is hilariously funny and she is so full of love for us all.