Saturday, October 27, 2012

a little getaway..

"don't be sad that it's over, smile because it happened.." or so they say.  

It seems our photos's are minimal, we were too busy living the moments.  I smile every time I look at the pictures from our brief little getaway.  Short it may have been, but it certainly was all kinds of wonderful.

Our hotel was great, the simple joys of going up and down in the lift each day brought endless excitement.  The weather was mostly kind, the theme parks were a blast, dinner's out, swimming every day..

We've come home completely and utterly exhausted and fulfilled.

...and, as all good things must come to an end, 3 out of 5 of us have now been struck with the gastro bug, so I'm spending my hours between the laundry, the bathroom and emptying vomit buckets, but boy did we have fun while it lasted! 

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

the yarn talks..

I dug out this beautiful Italian cotton I'd found on sale ages ago, felt it, admired it, sat it on the bench until it started to talk..
then it did..
it told me to make another, similar to the peachy one I made last week, this time a little shorter, more fitting as a simple shrug for the shoulders, just right for cool spring evenings..

does yarn talk to you before you have any idea what to do with it?  This is usually why I buy it in the first place, it whispers to me from the shop shelves..

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Monday, October 15, 2012

starting now..

it's the beginning of a *new chapter in our lives, a big week here.

this is the Mr.'s last week of living corporate, he finishes up on Friday, huge!

this is the last week of ironing his business shirts, early morning goodbyes as he heads off til evening, of him travelling zillions of kilometres, of him being away for days on end..

this is the beginning of our **new venture, together.
it's going to be challenging, exciting, no doubt stressful at times and very, very busy!!
it's going to take us some time to find our feet, find our groove and get the hang of this new set up, but when we do it's going to be a wonderful thing for this family.

I don't think people can quite believe what we're doing.  Leaving a good secure job, with three kiddo's and another on the way, taking a leap of faith.  Their reactions are a mixture of bewilderment, confusion and utter disbelief.  But we can't wait to get started!

First things first, we've cashed in all our flyby's and rewards points and we're taking our boys on their very first holiday!  Ssssh, they don't know it yet, but we are jumping on a plane and taking them on a whirlwind trip to Queensland to visit theme parks, those gorgeous Queensland beaches, to stay in a plush hotel with a pool!!

I'm busting excited, and I can't wait to see their faces when we get to the airport, eeeek exciting!

*do you remember this post, I can't believe how quickly this has all happened since then..

**real estate photography is our new gig, it's funny how after all these years, career choices and life experiences, we've somehow managed to come back to where we started, a simple, mutual love of photography.  We're very excited about the possibilites this presents, the ability to branch off in other wonderful creative directions, and the opportunity to follow dreams..

Friday, October 12, 2012


a peachy little something..
a loose, drapey, springtime piece..
a shrug..
a scarf.. 
a cowl..

I wasn't sure where I was going with it when I started, but I'm mostly happy with the result.  I think perhaps I should have made it a bit longer, maybe, maybe not..

It's light weight and versatile, and easy to throw on when theres just a slight chill in the air. I'm thinking it'll be a handy piece to have this spring and summer time..

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012


he's eleven today, I can't quite believe it!

I still remember like yesterday those bouncy Mr.Magoo cheeks
your busy little ways, always with tool box in hand no matter where we'd go
your no pants phase, just undies and gumboots thanks!
your song and dance in the living room, you'd never participate in the toddler music group but you'd sing your heart out all the way home..
your quirky little mannerisms 
when you'd be Jamie Oliver helping Dad in the kitchen
your gang of imaginary friends, Piglet, Christopher Robin and Tigger..oh the number of times I'd drive off and you'd scream out for me to stop because we'd left one of them behind.
Nemo! you wore out the first dvd and we had to buy another.  I think your daddy read that book to you a bazillion times every night for a year
there was always business to attend to when you started school, you'd come home and be one of the office staff making announcements and getting things done
your imagination has always been one of your most special traits..though it was a bit stressful at times when teachers and relatives would question me about my leaving you in charge of your baby brothers while I went out to shop, how we lived above the fish 'n chip shop, or the travelling the world in a combie story..

now, look at you, growing up and we are so proud of who you are
your writing blows my mind, it is a gift
when you loose yourself in your drums, it's sounding really good!
that wacky sense of humor, its a bit beyond your years..
when you laugh so hard at something, usually your dad, you can't breathe and I can't help but laugh with you
the way your brothers look up to you and lovingly hang off everything you say
your random hugs, I love how you hug me so often for no reason at all
your plans to travel Europe
your dreams of what you might be when you grow up, the possibilities are endless, truly
you are always right by my side at the moment, like you're keeping watch, looking after me, and I am treasuring every moment.

Happy Birthday beautiful boy, we love you! x

Saturday, October 6, 2012

52 weeks of grateful..sunshine

this week I am forever grateful for sunshine!

(my bob and mabel skirt from here)

the sun has been shining down these holidays and oh my goodness does it feel good!  Last week we revelled in our first real beach day of the season, feeling soft sand between our toes and cool (icy cold, actually) crystal water splash over us.  It was the little guys first time back since the 'crab attack' last summer, so he was taking things very carefully, thoroughly checking waters before he'd take a step.  All was clear, at least of crabs, we did spot a stingray..

watching teenagers hurl themselves off the pier, wishing they could join in, but knowing they'd be way too scared, not to mention the sign says 'no jumping off the pier!' they're sticklers for rules, law abiding little folk..

quiet moments under shady trees, contemplating, dreaming and picnicing, we've had so many picnics..

days and days of fun in the sun..

These two crack me up, best of friends, they have so much fun together.  They fight, they make up within minutes, they 'get' each other completely.  Hubby always says they remind him of the two crazy possum brothers from Ice Age, Crash and Eddy..he's right, they really are just like them!

So it's sunshine I'm grateful for this week, feeling rejuvenated after a very long, cold winter.

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