Thursday, February 16, 2012

my creative space..covers

I'm busily making iPhone pouches... 
simple, practical..
I love making these, I love the look of their tight stitches using this cotton with 3mm hook..

and speaking of covers, I just have to share this glorious Kate Miller-Heidke cover of M & M's (eminem, that's how much I know) 'Slim Shady'. I was a little, actually alot, concerned about the 10yr old being very into M&M (eminem) at the moment (I know,10!) I do feel it's all a bit too heavy & dark for him. 

So, I tried to sell him this version, if you're going to listen to dark lyrics & bad language, it may as well sound pretty. I LOVED it..he didn't...

language warning!!

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  1. Oooo so neat - love that too. Heart button = to die for.

  2. Such neat work Mel! My crochet is all over the place. Just can't get the tension working for me! lol. They do look lovely though and the sweet button on the second really makes it. x

  3. p.s. I must be getting real old I think Mel! Just had a short listen to the music you had the link to. I couldn't understand a word she sang!!! Don't know who M&M is either..... :(
    How sad is that???

  4. Beautiful work yet again Mel.
    I LOVE Kate Miller-Heidke, she is freakin' fabulous!

  5. your covers are just gorgeous! love the white one!! :)

  6. I was seriously so close to posting this on my blog last week, but shied away at the last minute as I thought no one but I would appreciate it!!!
    So glad you did it- I LOVE this!!!

  7. Your covers are pretty spesh Mel! So pretty! I like the white one too, gorgeous xo

  8. I need to make one of these covers for my cool!

  9. It's been over a year since I made crochet Iphone coveres! LOVE yours - especially with the button embellishment to hold it all in. :)

  10. Love your covers, how pretty to store a phone in and have this accessory in ones handbag!
    hope your doing well with your time alone Momma? and hows your little man doing?

  11. Very nice covers, the buttons just finish them off nicely. Thanks for sharing the music.


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