Sunday, February 12, 2012

sunday snippets...

making things on a rainy Saturday..
getting all dressed up for a lovely lady's birthday dinner..
learning to ride a bike... 


simple pleasures...

this was my weekend.  And that's what I was doing when I heard the very sad news, the end of a beautiful but troubled life.  Oh, how I loved you Whitney, you were my 80's..

Join in & share your week that was with tinniegirl..


  1. What a lovely weekend. Love your crochet... and I'm super impressed you can do it with twine. I've tried without success.

    Yay for learning to ride and girly nights out!

    Oh... and thanks for the link to tinnie girl. Love her artwork.

    Kell xx

  2. Congrats on riding the bike with no training wheels - so cool!
    I can't believe how grown up your three are looking now - loving
    the skinny jeans too!x

  3. Those icy pole thingies are my absolute obsession. Not anything I'm likely to grow out of anytime soon.

  4. Learning to ride a bike by yourself is so exciting, well done. And ice blocks on a hot day, yeah for summer. Have a great week. x

  5. Go Evil! (Another eighties reference there - Whitney was my soundtrack too).

    I'm with Cam - you can't beat a Zooper on a hot day.

    Pretty outfit, love the silver with the blue.


  6. Love your pics, so beautiful. Yep Whitney was my 80s too ;(

  7. Learning to ride a bike, what fun !


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