Monday, March 18, 2013

six weeks...

six weeks goes fast, I don't want that newborn baby time to end, and then I get all swept up in wondering what she'll be like as she grows, what colour will her eyes be, will her hair stay dark, what will her little voice sound like when she says "muma", her chunky thighs sporting frilly swimmers on the beach next summer, being able to just swing her onto my hip for school drop offs and pick up...

I need to remind myself not to wish the time away and to just be in the moment, for already she is growing up.

Life is busy, I forget so many things, and some things just have to be eliminated from the endless 'to do's' in my everyday.  Some days I can't keep up, and some days I have time to spare.  Some days I  want to go out and catch up with people, other days it's just all too much.  Working from home is wonderful but hard.  Often there is an endless parade of visitors, and I welcome an opportunity to stop for a cuppa, but it's difficult to get things done before school pick up, and sometimes I just don't want to answer the door.

It's all very up and down at the moment, as hormones take on a life of their own.  At six weeks I want everything else to just stop so that I don't miss this time..

At six weeks she's still sleeping well most of the time, and mostly she is the easiest baby ever.  Then she'll have a restless day or night and there is no choice but to stop, put everything else aside and just tend to her.

At six weeks, she is waking longer during the day and is so alert.  She takes in her surroundings, fixes her gaze upon her brothers when they 'coo' at her, and already likes to be up with us when dinner time comes around, part of the gang.

At six weeks she loves to be held, though she sleeps in her basket and settles herself too.  She is suddenly growing enough to fit into all those gorgeous 000 suits she's been gifted.  

At six weeks, she's still a poo shooter! We have to be very quick with the nappy change, she's a lethal weapon..much to the delight of three big brothers.

At six weeks I breathe in her new baby smell and she melts my heart.  She is pure delight.