Thursday, February 9, 2012

photo fun...

I'm super excited to have my new iphone and step into the modern age.  While hubby was busily setting up all the important stuff, all I really cared about was getting Instagram up & running!
and here it is, FUN!
Random snaps around the house this morning..
the big school boy's 1st reader for the year, read about a thousand times before dinner last night & again this morning..
and my heart aches just a bit as I watch him march into class for another big day...

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  1. OH YAY! You're on instagram!! It's so much fun, and very addictive.
    You must let me know your instagram name so I can follow you xo

  2. I got an IPhone over the summer holiday too and Instagram was also the first thing I set up:) As you can probably already atest to its addictive. Love the random pics. Cyndy

  3. I'm liking those Instagram piccies, so I'm living tenuously through you. No time for another addiction! (and I'm a late app adopter)...

  4. I am going to go directly to instagram right now and start following you!

  5. hi Mel

    I have not gone the iphone way yet. loks like fun. I love the crochet jar jackets too

  6. Oh I am envious! I'm still locked into the Android!
    We've just started on the homereaders - just the same, can't get
    enough of them!x

  7. Hej Mel
    Great photos!
    I LOVE my iPhone and i think the apps are just brilliant.
    Awww your big/little boy looks so ready and proud for school
    LOVE PEACE enJOY your me time

  8. Gorgeous pics! Love the flower crochet garland.

    Bless your big boy snuggled in the corner with his very first reader! Hope he is travelling well Mel.


  9. Yay for Instagram!! What is your user name? It's such an ace way to see what everyone's up to and to make your photo's look snazzy. I'm totally addicted. My SLR is looking sadly at me as I type. Your big boy looks like one happy fella, it's hard sometimes though isn't it? Specially when it's your baby. Take care lovely xo

  10. Oh Momma look at your sweet little man off to school....and look at all these lovely photo your the buckets and your candle holders....magic!

  11. These shots are so fabbo Mel. So gloriously vintage indeed!! x


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