Monday, February 27, 2012

a HOT weekend..

I spent time this weekend capturing the light around our place at different times of day.. 
I got a bit camera happy, carried away & having fun with Instagram.. 
it was stinking hot & the garden was in need of some attention..

loads of silverbeet made a gorgeous spanakopita, those tomatoes are going into tonight's pasta..
we spent the day at the beach on Saturday, but I've no pictures to show for it, we were in the water the entire time we were there.. 
then late yesterday the weather turned, dark clouds gradually took over the sky, an eerie smell of fire smoke filled the air, always unsettling, but it blew over fairly soon & according to the news, it was all under control.

It was our 12th wedding anniversary yesterday.  We had plans to go out to a local cafe for lunch, sip chilled wine while watching the kids play on the beach, but we didn't do any of that, in fact after some gardening, getting uniforms & work shirts ready for the week, we all parked it on the couch or in cushion cubbies, stayed in the cool & watched Dennis the Menace & Ice Age.  Sometimes it's just nice to do nothing... 


  1. Happy Anniversary......and your images were just beautiful....Love Dennis the Menace!!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Love your images. What is name on Instagram? I'd love to follow you.
    and yes I couldn't agree more , my favourite sort of weekend is where you do nothing xo

  3. Love the pics. It was soooo hot. We were down the beach most of the weekend as well!

    Happy Wedding Anniversary. Sounds like a lovely way to spend some relaxing time with your man.


  4. Happy 12th wedding anniversary. Lovely pictures.

  5. Happy anniversary, Mel! I would fancy spending it in those gorgeous wicker chairs you have there! Matter of fact, it's my sweetie and my 10th anniversary this weekend coming up... Any chance of an invite? LOL. Hopefully we'll also just be nice and do nothing. x

  6. Cushion cubbies were our solution to Sunday too. Draped with quilt, of course. (HOORAY FOR THE COOL CHANGE). (DOUBLE HOORAY FOR ANNIVERSARY NUMBER 12).

  7. Oh, happy anniversary!

    Those photos are amazingly stunning my dear!



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