Wednesday, January 13, 2016

the big blanket..

I started this blanket back in January last year, slow summer days on the hook when it was too hot or too wet to be outside.

It soon became one of those projects that sat in the 'works-in-progress' basket for months on end because I kept starting on something new.

Every now and then I'd pick it up and crochet a row or two, I'd get distracted or run out of yarn and back in the basket it would go.  It's the first thing I've ever made that I wasn't in a mad rush to see completed.  I'm terribly impatient when I make.  I get an idea, I see the end result in my mind and I want it done now!

I'm not sure why this blanket was different, but it was lovely to have it sitting there, waiting for my attention whenever I was ready, giving me comfort when I needed it, distracting my mind with each new stitch.  Working on this was almost like a meditation.  

At one point I thought it was just not going to work out, but I couldn't bring myself to undo it.  We had a connection this blanket and I.

Eleven months later I finished off the last row, and I love it so very much.  It drapes invitingly over the end of Olive's (spare) cot in our room, and I stop to admire it every single day.  

It's not perfect.  Hiding ends is tricky with chunky, loosely worked yarn like this, and I think if I were to lie it flat it might be a little misshapen, but I have a feeling this big chunky cotton blanket is going to be loved by us for years to come regardless.


  1. It's gorgeous, and it looks so luxurious and cozy! =) I can see why you are drawn to it.

  2. its beautiful mel! of course you just reminded me about my forgotten blanket!

  3. Hi, your blanket looks gorgeous, warm and snugly. I'm looking for a project I can pick up and put down and don't need to worry about where I am in the stitch pattern or shaping, etc. Please could you tell me the approx size of the blanket, if that's ok with you. I've seen loads of patterns for throws, afghans, blankets, etc but they're all different sizes. Your blanket looks a really practical size. Thanks a lot.


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