Saturday, January 23, 2016

the sunset series..where tradition began

twelve months ago, this is right where our birthday sunset tradition began.

this day last year we came down to watch the sun set on what would have been my cousins 40th birthday.  It was a way to acknowledge the specialness of the day, of him.

there was magic in the air that night, and when we got home Eddie said he wanted to do this with his kids when he grew up to be a dad.  So from that moment, we decided that watching the sun go down on birthdays was to be our new family tradition.

and so it has been ever since.

we'd just finished watching a movie and it was time for the boys to go to bed, but instead we grabbed our jumpers and ran out the door.  I was going to wander down to the beach on my own, because Olive was asleep already and everyone else was tired too.  But we left Nick and Harvey at home, and the three of us just ran.

we ran straight down the hill, laughing so much at how funny we must look in such a hurry, barefoot, the little guy in his jammies and my flappy down hill running style.

it was late and the light was fading, but we could see the sky's golden glow as we ran up the path and over the dunes.

the air was humid and thick, the waves rolling in loud and fast.

we'd made it, and the sight was magical!

these nights will become treasured memories for us all, they fill us up, every single time x

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