Sunday, October 20, 2013


its been a huge two weeks all round.

two weeks busy with jobs rolling in quickly, a birthday, of surf lessons, intensive swim lessons, and teething.

two weeks of great achievements and accomplishments by each of us.

a massive six month project completed and presented by the big boy (hear that huge sigh of relief from the mumma), the middle guy earned his pen license and received a star of the week award, the little guy's enthusiasm for writing kicking up a notch or two and loosing a forever wobbly tooth, the baby girl cutting yet another tooth and becoming way too adventurous in her rolling endeavours.  As for us, the busy season has begun, late nights, the juggling, the striving to maintain some kind of balance, and we are coping, mostly..for now.

so this morning we took ourselves out for a celebration breaky to acknowledge everyones successes, but we are tired, and some of us a little bit emotional, it was time to unwind.  A walk on the beach, some drawing in the sand, breathing in the sea air and basking in the warmth.  It's just what this little family needed today.

*photos by the mr.


  1. Ah, to live close to the beach. The very best place for unwinding and letting go and calming. Sounds like you have all been very busy, so no wonder you are tired and emotional. Take care xx

  2. Well done for coping! So many wonderful's happening in your life. You beautiful babe is growing so quickly.....
    Miss S is waiting to loose her first tooth. She is 7 and the only one in her class that hasn't lost a tooth. Now she has 4 wobblies. The tooth fairy will be busy xxx

  3. The Mr takes some great pictures! Love that first one. And your new profile pic too. xoxo

  4. Nice post..!!!
    and it was very interesting for me to add to my inspiration to write a story
    maybe you can visit my blog to give me advice :D

  5. life is busy with boys and babies…i know.


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