Thursday, October 10, 2013


Twelve, hooley dooley!

This boy.
He swells my heart full of pride, admiration and love.

This boy who is growing up before my very eyes and I am in awe of him, everyday.
His beauty, his gentleness, his busy mind and his strength.

This boy, who laughs so hard he can't breathe, who has his dad's sense of humour and deep dark stare.
Whose imagination and play and adventurous spirit is a gift to us all and will serve him well always.

This boy, my baby, turns twelve.
My darling Harvey, I love you to bits! 

Happy Happy Birthday to you..x


  1. Happy Birthday to Harvey! Twelve! A Pre Teen!!!! Scary!!!!

  2. Beautiful post Mel... :) Happy B'day to your Harvey!


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