Monday, July 8, 2013


his chatter is constant

his mind is thoughtful

his heart is big and always open wide

he is kind and funny

an old soul

he heads out the door everyday with the greatest expectations, yet enjoys the simplest of things

pyjama days are his favourite

his imagination is wild

he's a collector

a dreamer

he sees the magic

he lives for play

he's untidy and scattered and charming all at once

he is our middle guy

he is nine

Happy Birthday my little dark haired boy, I love you with all of my heart..x


  1. Happy 9th birthday to your gorgeous boy, he sounds like a lovely little soul. I hope that his day was a magical one. xx

  2. Such a heartwarming post, mama. Beautiful, just like your boy. J x

  3. Beautiful words for a beautiful boy! Happy birthday!

  4. Such a beautiful look into who he really is.....

  5. Happy Birthday to your gorgeous boy. Your words are beautiful xx

  6. happy celebrating. i hear nine is a big year for changes.

  7. Nine is a very much more grown up year...happy birthday to your boy who seems to be delightful and very mature already!

  8. i am so glad i found your blog, it is a tranquil space with awesome workd, words and pics! happy birthday to your boy!

  9. Oh! Middle ones are always special and they ' ve got "extra- power", in a way. And, all in all, it's not a simple position the one they're in . Very evocative pics and nice to meet you


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