Thursday, July 4, 2013

my creative space..

What to give a 16 year old girl with her own style and very particular taste?  

I took a risk and went for the handmade option..eeek!

It's super chunky and soft and oh so cosy, I love it, but I'm not 16.

I really hope she likes it...

The last of our creative spaces is over's been wonderful, inspiring, motivating and loads of fun, thanks so much Kirsty!


  1. I think she will like it.
    I would have chosen this colour too - beautiful Mel!

    So sad about MCS.
    It just wasn't the same after it moved!xx

  2. It is lovely - how could she not? Although I know the difficulty of buying for 16 year olds!!

  3. It's gorgeous and I love it and what a great idea!!!

  4. I spent the whole day with my son and his girlfriend.....just wait for this to was difficult! Heidi

  5. it is totally gorgeous, I'm sure she will love it:)

  6. Ooooh, that is beautiful!!! I love it and I think I would love it whether I was 16 or 26 or 96!!!!!!!! Or even 6, haha :)


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