Tuesday, July 30, 2013

6 months..

It's like she's always been here, I can't remember what it was like before her.

She's a dream, really a dream. She's this perfect little being, and I have to pinch myself to know its for real.

Her eyes are still the bluest blue, they must come from her pop.

Her little lips are like rosebuds and forever blowing raspberries, much to everyone's delight.

Her hair looks dark one day and then almost red the next, with a little tuft that sticks up and curls over and refuses to be tamed.

She cut her first two teeth without any fuss, just a few extra cuddles and more frequent feeds.

She could give or take solids just now, though she did enjoy a little tasting of our roast veggie soup and the yogurt from my muesli.

Her little face lights up with her smile so big when she first sets eyes on me after sleeping, it's my most favourite moment of every day.

She reaches for everything and everyone. She pulls their faces in and squeezes tight, like she can't get enough of them.  And she suddenly becomes so animated and vocal when we meet them at school, joining in with all the natter and hustle and bustle that is pick up.

She's chunky as can be and, and those chubby legs do not stop moving.  She tries to pull herself into a sitting position, but it all seems too hard and she lets herself fall back into the comfort of her reclined chair.  Floor time is not her favourite, I don't think she'll be on the move quite as quickly as her big brothers were, but this suits me for now, it's a bit easier when they stay right where you put them!

She's a little bundle of pure joy and delight.  I still can't picture her beyond the now, and I am soaking her in, every minute, every day, every little bit.


  1. What a fabulous picture and an adorable list of things to treasure. It brought back so many memories of my boys. Thankyou!

  2. My son said exactly the same thing about his 10 week old baby boy, to me yesterday...that it was like he'd been part of their lives forever. She is absolutely gorgeous...love those bright eyes and rosebud lips and that little face surrounded by your lovely knitting!

  3. Bella, bellissima!!

  4. What wonderful words to describe your beautiful girl.
    I know this time goes way to quick. So happy you are soaking
    her up and appreciating the time now. Loads of love, xxJ.

  5. I've got shivers up and down my arms.
    I'm so thrilled for you and your boys Mel.
    Beautiful! xx

  6. She is the most beautiful Angel ever....Heidi

  7. I love seeing your IG photos, she is so gorgeous, and oozes character! Enjoy her. Cat xox

  8. i haven't seen much of her so i am in awe of this photo, she is just gorgeous and sounds like such a sweet being. it also sounds like you needed her and didn't even know it. bless. x

  9. Aw Mel. OLive is such a heart-melter. I think she is the prettiest baby I've seen in ages. Keep soaking it up, you clever mama! J x

  10. Such a little darling! I am so glad I stumbled on your blog (via Pembroshire Lass).
    Lovely meeting you!

  11. oh she is too beautiful! and those just waking up smiles are worth their weight in gold, aren't they? x


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