Monday, June 24, 2013

the winter sun shines and my heart overflows..

...all of a sudden you see the values you hold so dear in the hope of raising good people, come shining through like the winter sun.

In a simple gesture, a single moment, you witness the gentle love between brothers, and just like that, you know you're on the right track.

Last night we made pizza and snuggled down to watch 'the life of Pi'.  There was the usual niggling over who sat where, who has which cushion, enough blanket and the most leg room...he and I look at each other and we know we're both wondering the same thing...can we do nothing without this incessant banter?? 

Then suddenly we were all transfixed on the movie and loving every minute.  By the end, we were so captivated as the story was revealed, and the little guy had tears rolling down his cheeks as he tried to make sense of the sadness of it all.

His brothers looked at him and felt his hurt.  Quietly and without a word spoken, the middle guy reached for a tissue and handed it to his little brother..

And my heart filled to overflowing.


  1. my heart is overflowing with this sweet sweet post. I love when the generosity of spirit between brothers comes shining through. xo

  2. Beautiful! We've just got to keep our eyes out for those moments and they'll remind us that we're on track.
    I watched that movie on a plane a few months ago. Might be worth revisiting it as a family too.
    I hope you have a happy week Mel. xx

  3. Lovely post, we love a movie and pizza night here too. Incessant banter and all xo

  4. ok so now i have to watch life of pi x

  5. the fighting and then the BROTHERHOOD. x

  6. that panged my heart a little. Having two boys too who are always squabbling but then there are those moments and...ouch my heart again.


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