Thursday, August 22, 2013

made by hand..

It's always nice to have a little project on the go.  However, I've come to realise I'm not so good with creations that carry on and on for seasons, though I like the idea of eventually having a beautiful piece that will be treasured and kept for generations.  One that my children will talk about fondly as they remember how many winters I'd sit and crochet this family favourite.  So maybe one day I'll finish that ripple blanket started so long ago.

For me, for now, it's quick fixes and instant gratification.  I like to do the speedy projects that don't take too much brain power, just keep my hands busy for a little while at a time, photograph, gift/sell/store and move on.

I love the simplicity of the basic treble and double crochet stitches repeated over and over.  I almost never (okay, never!) follow a pattern.  I didn't realise how impatient I was until I started to craft.  I'll get an idea in my head and make it up as I go, just to see it done.  Which is most likely why I can never create the exact same piece twice!  Perhaps one day I'll take the time, I'd really like to teach myself to knit day.

This shell stitch cowl/hood was a newy for me, and I loved making it so much I couldn't work fast enough making more and more.  

Now it's back to the comfort, familiarity and classic style of the basic treble repeated over and over and over...

join in and share what you've been making with Christina's lovely link made by hand...


  1. Gorgeous Mel! You do such beautiful work! x

  2. I tend to agree, I've been working on a blanket (single bed size) for each of my boys. And while they are taking forever, I too hope that they will remember me working on them as perhaps they tuck their own children under them in years to come!

  3. That urgency to complete a project really gets hold of me too and I tend to just enjoy the familiarity of something I know how to do well. As usual your work is superb Mel!

  4. It's so beautiful Mel - I love that stitch. I think I'm stuck in the never finishing anything pool at the moment ;) Maybe things just happen as they're meant to? ;) Enjoy wearing your beautiful cowl. Kx

  5. Looks so pretty in grey, and very tidy stitches!

  6. That is just so beautiful and I think the colour really shows it off! I, too, do not want to be weeks in making something. I used to do that but, since I learnt to crochet last year, I think I have become more impatient to see...and use..the end result! I tend to give much of what I make away but I still have a blanket that I made especially for me after giving away the previous 2... even though I've had several subtle...and not so subtle... hints about having it! Joan

  7. Lovely job! I haven't yet learned how to crochet. I recently picked up knitting and love it so much. I'm mostly doing basic stuff right now but I love it nevertheless. I do want to learn crochet though, expand my options. :)


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