Wednesday, June 19, 2013


A few random things...

We took that mini holiday and went to Fiji for my youngest brothers wedding. It was magical.  It was such a happy day, the groom and his beautiful bride, my big boy as ring barer, an island resort, lots and lots of dancing, sunshiny warmth, spending time with all of my brothers, it was wonderful.  Of course we didn't escape all of the moods and madness the entire time, but it was more manageable somehow.  Thank you for your very kind and encouraging comments on my last post..

I've pulled out my dusty wool stash and have been making a few wintery warm things at my leisure (my leisure!? what is that?) popping some in the shop, and my boys have put in orders, this always warms my heart..

One of my brothers has bought a house and moved his soon-to-be-family-of-three right down here in our town, the best!

I am getting super speedy at my job in our little business and just learned a process I've not made time to learn since we started, and that sure feels good..

Baby girl has found her voice and listening to her happy natter is heavenly..

We've accepted we're not going to have a winter kitchen garden this year, there just isn't the time, sad but true. We will, however, make time on a weekend to go to local farmers markets to pick up the good stuff someone else has managed to grow..

Our big boy got into the high school program he so wanted..we are relieved and proud beyond words. He's had a really rough couple of years, it's nice for him to have a win finally, phew! We were fascinated by his answer to one of the interview questions..'who are 3 people you'd like to have at a dinner party?' his answer... Joseph Stalin, Leonardo Da Vinci and Adam Sandler - imagine!

Winter sure is cold but winter dinners are the best! One pot wonders filled to the brim with vegie goodness that all of our little people love..very happy about that!

There is nothing warmer than wool.  A fact I am reminded of every year.  I start off thinking I'll just layer up with pretty prints and a frill here and there, but nothing warms like a woollen nana spencer.  So, on top of the list for my next visit to the shops is nana spencers..and maybe another pair of patterned tights to keep things pretty..

School holidays are almost upon us and I am determined to make the most of them.  A happy balance of slow moving jammie mornings and a few adventures too..

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  1. Its fun to listen to you talk, you share so much joy in your life through it....but the warm winter talk....not yet, can you believe we have had a few days here with temps in the 80's, just glorious!!!! take care, Heidi


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