Monday, January 30, 2012


I'm turning 40 in a week! Birthdays always make me reflective, another year down, what's been done, what's ahead...

I've been thinking a lot recently about this milestone, the big four-OH.  Mostly because of the party I'm planning, having loads of fun with that, but also what I've learned now that I'm 40...

So here's a few things I've come to know...

  • firstly, and most surprisingly, those pretty silk eye masks to block out the light are not just for princesses & movie stars! I found one in my undies drawer recently & it has given me an extra hour of sleep most mornings these holidays!
  • it's taken a long time but I am finally comfortable in my skin! Yep, that's huge! I have come to realise that I don't really care what other people think about how I look anymore.  Sure I'd like to change some things (these were hardworking, breastfeeding breasts after all) but this is it, it's what I've been given and really, it's not that bad! I feel pretty good for 40..
  • while talking of body's, I have also learned that something happens to your knees when you get to 40, they are just not very flattering..
  • when people are unkind, or passively try to put you down, it's not about you, it's all about them & their unhappiness
  • the grass is rarely greener, enjoy what you have
  • raising children really does get harder, challenges kick up a notch with every passing year! I'd always thought they were just saying that..
  • it's always better late than never, always!
  • random dancing around the house is necessary & should be done often (even if it means you're caught out by the delivery man..)
  • board games are such a valuable way to spend family time
  • when a door slammed in anger breaks it is best not to fix it
  • I would often just wade or bob around in the waves, but going under the water at the beach has an extraordinary soul cleansing power
  • precautionary worming & headlice treatments are a must at the end of every term
  • when the cupboards are bare the best dinner for the troops is a banana smoothy with an egg in it & toast, everyone's happy!
  • making time to love your man & be loved is not a chore, why did it often seem that way before..

...just a few, imagine what I'll know in another 40 years...


    1. Mel isn't is amazing that with age comes wisdom :)
      I can relate to many of the things mentioned here and really look forward to celebrating my big four oh at the end of the year.
      Happy Birthday Lovely...all the best.

    2. You really have learnt some valuable things in your almost 40 years. I could add a few more that I have learnt in my 50 years but I think I will let you learn them by yourself....much more fun that way!

    3. Your so cute....what a wonderful sweet post ....your right we have so much more to learn grasshopper!!!
      Happy Birthday....I did buy a wrinkle cream when I hit 40 three years ago....I still feel 33 so its working!!!hehehe

    4. Happy almost birthday, Mel! I'm skittering toward the big four-one, myself, and am pretty sure you're outranking me in the wisdom department. Lovely insights from one of my favorite bloggers.

    5. Wonderful wise wisdoms.
      Happy almost 40.

    6. Oh Mel, I just loved that post! Thank you for all those wonderful wisdoms. They're all so very true aren't they? But how did you manage to think them all up?! When I try to do wise things like that, my mind must goes blank! lol. Big huge happy birthday hugs and kisses to you for your milestone. xoxo

    7. Lovely post. I turned 40 last week. I can completely relate to a some of your comments, especially feeling comfortable in yourself and about wearing what you want to and feeling good about it. Enjoy your celebrations. I'm really looking to this new decade and it sounds like you might be as well.

    8. Such wonderful wise words here Mel.
      So many true and many that I still have to relearn ( especially that one about unkind people , i'm such a personalizer!)
      And yes Random house dancing is necessary ingredient for happy.
      And so too it toast, for dinner or at any time of the day ! xo

    9. Have a beautiful fortieth! Lovely words from a wise woman.

    10. Words from the wise, those. I did just look at my knees with squinty-ish eyes and I think they still look ok - I have to cling to something!

      (still so impressed with the embracing of the Four Oh and the bash-planning)...

    11. Loved your post, i turn the big 0 too this year.

    12. I love your list, so prophetic and practical at the same time! Enjoy your 40th year with your acquired knowledge and with the awareness that age only serves to make one more wise! x great post


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