Thursday, January 19, 2012


In keeping with my word for 2012, I have a birthday coming up, the big four-OH!  I was going to let it pass quietly by, but what's not to celebrate I say?!!

So I've been planning, making decorations and buying the city out of fairy lights!  I've also started on these three jar lights & still have loads more to go.  Inspiration here has been sought from many, many of you clever folk, I've been wanting to try them for ages, I think they'll look quite amazing strung up in their masses...

I love all the planning for these exciting events, in fact I think I enjoy the party preparation more than the party most of the time..


  1. Ooh it's the year for the big four oh :)
    I love your te alight jars Mel, they will look amazing all lit.

  2. Well done YOU. I let my Four Oh skulk past last year and quite honestly, it was The Most Underwhelming Birthday Of All Time. I intend to make up for this. I intend to have a great big bash for some under-rated birthday year. Forty One?

  3. I know what you mean I love preparing for a party.
    Lovely tea light jars.

  4. Gorgeous! Love these! And how exciting to be approaching 40! I plan to spend mine in Paris which gives me 3 and half years to save. We'll see, we'll see!

  5. WOW the big 4 0!! I think it's great you are planning something big and wonderful, you so deserve it, and from my own recent experience of a zero birthday myself it can be worse if you try to ignore it or pretend it's not happening.
    and you're so right what's not to celebrate!?! that's 40 wonderful years of YOU! xo

  6. I loved being 40 but hated the surprise party they threw me! Lesson learnt I threw myself a 50th and had a ball. Love the tealight jars.

  7. Your still 30 so enjoy because when you hit 40 it just gets so much better.....

  8. Oh Mel, those lights are amazing! How clever are you?
    Hope you have the most fab party! It's going to look wonderful. x

  9. These are gorgeous, hope your birthday goes well!
    These pics have inspired me to have a go with some jars and the wire around the top and the crochet covers!
    well done,
    Kate :)


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