Saturday, September 25, 2010

handmade christmas challenge...

Wow, it's Saturday again already, how quickly the weeks are flying by! I haven't had a whole lot of time for much creating this week due to the school holidays & enjoying a bit of down time, but I did come across these very sweet little christmas birdies for the tree this year, so pretty in white..
visit edward & lilly for more of this gorgeousness.
I did manage to make one christmas sack all I need to do is thread some cord through the top.  It's a little plain, but he loves it!

for more handmade christmas goodness head
to knicky knacks..


  1. I should really start thinking about christmas and add some handmade things. A sack would be nice, I have plenty of material and could even pad it with leftover batting. Charmaine

  2. oh i love the fabric - the little red wagon is just so cute...

  3. Love the little white bird. Just checked out their madeit store and i'm also loving the red and green, so cute.
    I'm sure your superhero will love his santa sack, it look great.

  4. I love them both I have got to get started on my buying!

  5. that little birdie is indeed very gorgeous! good on you for getting something done, even if it is a plain santa sack (which i think looks very nice indeed, and won't get outgrown as he grows) that's one more thing than me - although now you've inspired me to go and create!

  6. Wow, how organised are you - thinking about Christmas already!

    I love the little bird ornament. I have some handmade felt hearts and stars in red and white about the same size that a student gave me about 3 years ago. I love them so much I hang them off my doorknobs all year 'round!!

    Your Christmas sack is gorgeous. Love the colours and patterns!

    Happy weekend... I'm on school hols too (from my part time teaching), so I'm in 'go slow' mode - lol.

    Linda. xox

  7. How beautiful is that bird! Just love it. May need to get some also. Love the santa sack and the contrast of colours in the red cart. Have uploaded the meme for the Handmade Christmas Challenge. Sorry I was late - got caught up in catering for some very nervous men yesterday watching the grand final and screaming at the TV. One of them was yours!!!!


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