Sunday, September 26, 2010

today I am grateful for...

I'm joining in with Maxabella's meme today, a sweet Saturday post 'things I am grateful for'...

* spending time with my four gorgeous brothers this Grand Final day.  It's usually only at Christmas that we can ever get them all in one place at the same time, so this really is something special..

* breaky at the dunes every saturday has become our little family ritual, precious time to catch up on the busy week gone by..

*school holidays & heading out for a quiet country drive on my own while the boys are happily spending time with grandparents...
Delicate 5 x 5 Print
(image via lola's room)
what are you grateful for today...


  1. Sounds blissful. Enjoy your weekend. x

  2. FOUR brothers! Oh the tales you could tell. I'd be grateful for that too... When I was a teen I was in LOVE with that Sweet Dreams book "The Trouble With Charlie" (tell me you read it!!?). I was desperate for brothers, it just seemed so cool! Access to hot boys, I think was the motivation!! Did it work out like that for you? You really should write a post about it.

    Thanks for joining in my linky. It's always so lovely to see you at my blog and I love visiting yours so much! x

  3. Wonderful list of great things to be thankful for. My children are on school holidays too.

  4. Yep, family time is great, whether it be with your parents/brothers or hubby/kids (or both together, of course!) is fantastic. I adore it :)

  5. sounds so wonderful, are you going to do it with your brothers all again next saturday for the football?? another great excuse to get together again xx

  6. I am grateful for your lovely post that has made me think of all the things that I'm grateful for!

  7. Lovely post Mel. Wow, you have four brothers! Any sisters? If not your family is the opposite of ours. We have four girls and one boy. Bet you had some adventures growing up. I love the sound of your Saturday breakie, rituals are so important. Enjoy the next week of school hols x


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