Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What Have You Been Making?

It's funny you should ask Pip...I dreamed of this funny little owl cushion/cuddle thing last night, so today we made him!  He's a little bit cooky & rugged but I like him...

He's already being loved with sticky hands & dribbled on with icecream

...and shown around the garden by being catapulted over the barbeque

...and now left to rest in our reading spot where he awaits more cuddles at story time. 
I think I'll make him a friend or two...

...and so, a few hours later...



  1. i like your cute owls! owls must be in the air at the moment. . .i especially like the way their eyes seem a little bit crossed, it's cute.

  2. Thanks Hsu-Yin. The boys have named them Batman & Robin!

  3. Just gorgeous! My owl lover would adore them. I'll bring her back to see them when she gets home.

  4. Recently I had a graduation party thrown for me where a good friend of mine gifted me a Hobby Lobby gift card to start buying materials to start my own Etsy shop! Do you sell any of your hand crafted items on Etsy or a similar site? I would love to know if you have any advice! Thank you!!


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