Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Sewing Frenzy!

It is so unlike me, I have gone into a complete sewing frenzy, I can't stop!  I very, very, rarely use a sewing machine & when I do it seems to take so long to produce a single item that I can't be bothered doing anymore.  But something has come over me in the last 24hours, so far I've made 3 snuggle toys and two bedroom cushions! It's not going to stop there...I'm going to make heaps of mind is bursting with inspiration - I won't question the frenzy any longer, I'm going to embrace it & sew to my hearts content - it's hysterical!


  1. Just go with it! I have phases when I just can't be bothered making things, I need that down time too. But when in frenzy mode you have to make the most of it! Get inspired, go crazy!! xo

  2. It's fabulous, well done Mel!! feels so great to be on a roll, enjoy it, and don't look at the rest of the house while your on the roll!!


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