Thursday, August 11, 2016

sunset series..

all pics taken by the middle guy, except this last one

A winter walk, just us three.  We had two birthdays in the month of July, and both nights were freezing cold, raining and full of cloud.  We had to break tradition this time, with not a sunset to be had.  Then, one Sunday evening soon after, this happened.  A perfect sunshiny day, a warm(ish) breeze and clear blue skies.

Everyone else was busy doing their thing, but the middle guy and I couldn't resist a walk on the beach at dusk to soak it all in.  He was keen to grab the camera and have a play around, to get in some practice while the light was so pretty. What a great job he did too.  Yesterday he had us all take turns for portrait shots.  I love how he loves the camera and photography.  I love that taking photos makes you notice simple things, beauty you might otherwise overlook.

So our winter sunsets have been few, but they've been pretty.  We're very much looking forward to farewelling the cold. Feeling warmth in the air, having more time in our day to enjoy being outside, and hopefully more sunset walks.

We're counting down now, only twenty more days 'til Spring!!

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