Friday, January 16, 2015

these january days..

These January days are slowly but surely passing by.  There's no routine, the days are mostly our own to do whatever we please.  Though we're back at work, we're fitting in beach visits, bike rides and dirt jumps, dvd's and crochet.

We're not making plans, or rushing about.  Somedays, beds aren't made just incase we want to climb back in for a midday rest. We're making imovies and paper puppets, we're playing minecraft and building lego. We're eating extra special treats gifted by a lovely friend, and lots of fresh homegrown summer fruits, and only every now and then, we're checking off the list to get school ready.

These January days are about the sweetest days of the year I'd say.


  1. I agree, the sweetest days of all and we had a taste of your salty over the past few days.
    Just gorgeous. xx

  2. Your photos and family are beautiful. If I may ask, is this cotton yarn? I have been looking for a good thick cotton yarn, and this looks so soft!


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