Sunday, January 11, 2015


a portrait of my daughter, once a week every week in 2015..

olive: quiet time on a hot afternoon watching her beloved 'In the night garden' on the ipad..

After a few very hot days, beach visits, rolling in the sand and splashing in the sea, it's nice to come home to a cool house and quiet time.  
I never thought I'd embrace the ipad in our home, but I have to admit, it serves a very practical purpose on days like this when she won't take a nap even though she's completely exhausted.  She asks for Igglepiggle and a wave of calm washes over her.


  1. This is lovely Mel. I went for black and white this week too.
    iPads are perfect when they're used within limits. I'm pretty strict with ours and only allow a tiny amount of time per day, but I make sure I use the time they're on iPads wisely too, sometimes it's the only quiet there is all day! x

  2. Oh how beautiful- there's something really tranquil about that portrait - hurrah for iggle piggle!

  3. Those curls! And the light here is captured gorgeously. I forever savor those moments of peaceful quiet, both to calm their minds after a busy day and my own! xo

  4. These quiet moments are just so perfect. Love the black and white xx

  5. Absolutely gorgeous, remember the days of Igglepiggle well x


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