Sunday, January 4, 2015


a portrait of my daughter, once a week every week in 2015...

olive: snuggling into bed between us, she wakes with a big "mwaah" and plants wet kisses on our faces..

I was hesitant to join in with the wonderful 52 project this year, I didn't finish last year and I don't like not seeing something through to the end.  But this morning, lying in bed with this little darling nattering sweet nothings and planting endless wet kissees, I was reminded that its these very moments I want to record and remember forever.

I have documented so much here of the boys in my early years of blogging, but now that they're getting older they are much more difficult to capture in a moment, and much less willing for me to share.  So perhaps this year will just be her, and perhaps I'll manage to see it through to the end.

join beautiful jodi and her project here..


  1. A perfect crop! Little bits and pieces that you want to remember always... just lovely! Happy new year to you, beautiful. xo

  2. Oh that's such a sweet photo, and of a stage that's all too fleeting!

  3. This is such a sweet moment to capture. I love your BnW photos, timeless ;)


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