Friday, August 22, 2014

something special..

My sweet cousin is expecting her first baby in a few weeks, the first grandchild for my aunty and uncle and the 35th great grandchild for my amazing Nana who passed away this month at 96.

Needless to say, I was thrilled when my cousin asked me to make a floor rug for her nursery.  She said 'something handmade by family would just be so special' and well, you know how I feel about making for someone who appreciates handmade, and its even more special when its to welcome a brand new baby into the world. It was such an honour.

So here it is.  All ready for baby (number 75 in total #outtathemother). Pictured in black and white because I haven't gifted it yet.

I love it.  My kids love it too. I'm thinking we might need one for our living room.


  1. It's so beautiful Mel. I love it when people really appreciate what it means to have something handmade, what a lovely cousin you have. Congratulations to your cousin and your aunt and uncle they must all be over the moon. xx

    P.S. Did you follow a pattern or did you cleverly make it up? :) xx

  2. Oh Mel, it's divine! What a beautiful, thoughtful gift. You are amazing my dear xx

  3. What a beautiful gift! I love it when I get to make something for somebody who appreciates handmade. I hope the precious baby takes a shine to it! x

  4. lucky baby. who doesn't need one of these in their lives? x

  5. Gorgeous! I'll have to consider making something for our wood floors, soon!


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