Thursday, June 5, 2014

embracing winter and the homemaker within..

Until a few years ago winter was my most favourite season, I loved everything about it. But the last few winters have been a struggle for me, and I was really dreading its return this year. Then suddenly this week something happened, there was a shift of energies and I feel ready.  Ready to enjoy all of the good things that winter offers, all the things that I used to love about it.

This year I am going to embrace the winter months.  The cosiness, the rugging up, the hearty meals, red wine, hot chocolates, the sound of pouring rain on the tin roof, and I'm going to embrace the homemaker within.  It's a wonderful feeling.

I already know, that my best days, when I'm left feeling most satisfied, are the ones where I'm inspired to bake, to bring all the washing up to date, to have a casserole or soup or some other one-pot-wonder on the stove filling the house with its delicious aroma.  A day when I have pottered about, getting things in order, cleaning, having the place all cosy warm with a handmade snack ready for my boys after school, these are absolutely the days I love the most. Not all days are like this of course. The reality is, most days are a juggle of work, a toddler, school runs and commitments and getting by on the bare necessities.

I love the title 'homemaker'.  I love everything about it.  I'm sure this stems from my childhood, when both my mum and dad would work so hard, I'd often be the first one home with chores to tend to and little brothers to take care of. Then, on rare occasions, there were those days after school, after the long trek home from the bus stop, when I would walk in the door and smell fresh baked cakes, dinner cooking and mum sitting down to a cup of tea, those days were the most wonderful days of all!  That overwhelming feeling of comfort and security and true homeliness.

Nick and I made the choice early on for one of us to be the homemaker, and there were a lot of sacrifices in order to make it happen, but I'm so glad we did.  Now, choosing to start our business was largely driven by the ability for me to continue being home, to keep things running smoothly and be available to the kids whenever they need.  Fortunately, it also allows Nick to be home a lot more too, so often, we are able to share the homemaker role.

Now that winter is here, I can certainly feel the chill in the air, its been cold and wet and we've been restricted to indoors, but instead of feeling immediately defeated, I've felt inspired. I baked muffins, made hearty soups, ironed, vacuumed, washed and tidied. After picking up the boys from school and walking through the door to warmth and yummy smells, it took me back to those happy homely memories and I realised that this is how it has to be.  I need to change my mindset, embrace winter and my role as homemaker,  and enjoy all the cosy good things that winter brings.

{picture of the baby on a washing basket, slightly unrelated but cute!}


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  1. I LOVE Winter!!! I love bundling my boys up in their cosy robes in the morning, making big casseroles for dinner and baking cakes! Inevitably I end up putting on a few kilos at this time of year though ;-) I'm a homemaker too and love it :-)


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