Tuesday, June 3, 2014

a blanket for olive..

I'm terribly impatient.  I really wanted to use the big camera to get some nice shots of this completed project, but its out earning us a living and I can't wait any longer!  So excuse my iPhone pics.

This blanket right here, in all its gloriousness, was my #everydayinmay project and I can't even believe myself that I finished it inside a month.  I am so pleased with the way it turned out.  Initially, I was a bit concerned the shell stitch might have been too much on such a large scale, but no, its pretty fabulous.

My plan was to make a cot size baby blanket, but it seems I purchased too much wool and just had to use it all up anyway. It's probably more suited to a single bed, or the couch, or if this boy has anything to do with it, permanently wrapped around him!

As its quite a dense stitch, I used a larger hook, 7mm, to give it a bit more drape, which worked beautifully but I think I could have gone even larger, perhaps a 9mm or even 10mm.

The trouble with finishing a project you have thoroughly enjoyed working on, is that as much as you can't wait to see it complete, you don't want it to end, a bit like a good book. Fortunately, we have some new babies being born this year, so I plan to get busy on some more of these as gifts, I can't stop!


  1. Oh my Mel it is absolutely gorgeous. You are so clever and I must say I admire how quickly you made it, I am sooo slow when it comes to finishing blankets hence there is still a ripple blanket waiting to be finished in my basket a couple of years later....xxx Love love the colour too:) x

    1. Thanks so much, Catherine. I have two other blankets that have been waiting to be finished for a very long time, so I'm a bit blown away that this one is actually complete!

  2. Absolutely marvellous!!!! Love the texture, the stitch, the size....everything! Simply gorgeous!

  3. Absolutely stunning Mel! That is a dense stitch and I can only imagine how much work has gone into something that big. She will treasure it forever. Mel x

  4. Wow, that's beautiful, love both the colour and the stitch.

  5. So magnificent ... Baby olive is a lucky girl & will treasure this forever!

  6. Oh Mel, its gorgeous. I LOVE making blankets, there is something so therapeutic and calming about the repetitive stitches and the backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards. I love the colour you chose too.
    I have just been working on a blanket that has worked up so quickly I've just about done it in a week..
    If you get a minute drop by and have a look,
    Have a good week,
    Kate x

  7. So beautiful Mel. The colour and shape and size. I'm with your boy.....I'd be trying to secure for myself as well.
    I love how you describe the bittersweet end of a project...it is just like a good book x

  8. That is just gorgeous!!! It's good it's big so that your little girl can use it throughout life, she's lucky to have a mum who can knit so beautifully, my poor boys....


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