Thursday, January 30, 2014


the baby turns one..

here you are, as rugged as you are gentle
with your sweet soft voice, you try to mimic everything we say
you've also discovered just how loud your voice can be when you think its necessary
you crawl, you climb the stairs and use furniture to pull yourself up to stand
you look for any opportunity to grab at something you know you shouldn't have, you're quick 
you scream broken hearted when the stair gate closes behind us
your face lights up when we can't bare it and come back for you
you'll only wear a hairclip until you realise its there
your 7th tooth just cut through and suddenly the tireless clinging and grumpiness makes sense
food is 'nya-nya' and you'll eat just about anything especially when it comes from someone else's plate
breast feeding is still fairly frequent, and I think I enjoy it as much as you do
that soft new hair growing on your forehead, sigh
you captivate your brothers and they are thrilled with everything you do
water is your favourite, bath, pool or beach
you clap your hands, 'sing' twinkle little star and the I love you song
you tell everyone to 'sshh' at bed time and early in the morning
you will play and discover for ages, content and happy in your own company
when you pull me close and bury your face into my neck, I can feel your wet lips on my skin and I'm overcome by the love in my heart
I could not love you more.

happy first birthday darling girl x


  1. beautiful words for a beautiful girl. x

  2. Such fun! What a sweetie. Happy Birthday to Mama. =)

  3. Happy first birthday to your sweet little one. Your little one and my little one share the same birthday. Today my girl turned 10 sigh... xx

  4. Wow, one already? That happened so quickly.
    Happy birthday gorgeous!


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