Monday, January 13, 2014

the everyday..

we've been watching family movies of the boys when they were just tiny, and it's been like fuel for my heart and soul.

watching these, mostly insignificant, everyday moments in time has reminded me of the importance of keeping this blog.  I've struggled to find anything much to write about here of late, a purpose, an interest.

Sometimes theres been just so much to share that it's been too overwhelming and I've not known where to begin, so I didn't.  I thought perhaps I'd grown out of being here.  Instagram is quick and easy and I'm forever on there posting pictures of random things, but it's this space that holds so much of our life, so much of the incidental every day as well as milestones and special events.

so I've found my motivation in the everyday.  I've missed being here regularly, and although I'm not yet certain of what I'll be posting or how often, or even if anyone other than my gang and I will read it, I know I want to keep it going and I'm hoping I'll find a new groove..


  1. Yay! I think sometimes it's easy to lose sight of why you are blogging and who it's for. I know I sometimes find myself wanting to "keep up" with some of the bigger blogs... or start comparing, which is never a good thing.

    I took some photos yesterday for a post about Lalie turning three and as I drafted the post I got so sentimental; she really has grown up on my blog. Even though sometimes it feels like hard work, I think it's such an amazing record of this most wonderful time in our lives... and I'm sure one day we'll all look back and be so, so very thankful that we stuck with it.

    P.S - absolutely gorgeous photos... love seeing these snippets of your life :)

    P.P.S - I too love the convenience of instagram... but I think picking up the big camera regularly ensures you have good quality memories that will last and can be printed/ enlarged etc etc.

  2. I know I like receiving your blog so it is also a YAY! from me too :)


  3. 'The Everyday' - so important to remember that this makes up you life and memories, the small, ordinary things.
    I started an ' Everyday' album for yself last year, and posted one photo a month on my blog,, under the title "The Everyday" - such a nice reminder of the year, what happened, what triggered a smile or a tear.


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