Sunday, January 13, 2013


" a portrait of my children, once a week every week in 2013.."

Harvey:  forever climbing, and jumping from great heights.  Annoyed that he only had these stairs to use and I wouldn't let him venture off to the bluff for something more challenging..

Jimmy:  pondering and enjoying one on one time with Mum and Dad all to himself for the morning, he's such a delight..

Eddie:  contemplating more rock pool exploration, as he says "will you come with me mum? I'll hold  your hand so you don't fall.."

That was another week spent visiting all the rellie's camp sites.  Now they've packed up and gone home, it's just not the same around town without bumping into an Aunt or cousins in the street, those are my favourite two weeks of the whole year.

You can share your portraits over here with Jodi..


  1. Beautiful photos of your gorgeous boys Mel. That last shot is really sweet with Eddie looking out to the sea.xx

  2. I'm excited we finally have company coming this summer....its just the best!

  3. What lovely photos of your boys these are, Mel:) Love old jetties and rust infused timbers.

    I haven't stopped by in waaaay too long and have missed most of your pregnancy! Congratulations!!!! A bit late, I know. So exciting for you guys!!! xx

  4. Oh I really love these images Mel, your boys are gorgeous.

  5. Such sweet little men you're raising there. Beautiful! WIshing you gentle, happy days :) x

  6. Oh such sweet boys you have!
    These are lovely captures.
    Have a beautiful week.

  7. Three boys you lucky thing! Lovely photos, I'm so pleased to be joining in with Jodi's project! Have a wonderful week. xo

  8. gorgeous portraits. your boys are so beautiful xx


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