Sunday, December 16, 2012

stop, enjoy the magic..

What a month it's been! Christmas is happening and I feel like we haven't made time to stop and enjoy it's magic.

I adore Christmas and all its twinkling, decorating, gift wrapping and festivites.  So this weekend I've made sure all our fairy lights are on, I hired a heap of Christmas DVD's, popped on the carols and made christmassy treats!

Yesterday we jumped on a train and ventured into the city to soak up more of the christmas spirit.  We wandered the laneways, admired the Myer windows and caught up with Santa for our annual picture tradition.

For the next week, we are going to make the time to stop and enjoy the magic of Christmas.  It's been a tough ride this year, so now it's time to reflect, appreciate one another, and count our blessings.  Because no matter how manic and beyond us this life can be, we certainly are blessed and we have a lot to be grateful for..

Have a happy, festive weekend everyone! x



  1. Enjoy the season, I will do my best, too <3

  2. Beautiful. It's often so busy at this time of year and so easy to remember to stop and enjoy the magic. Thanks for the reminder. You are a wise one Mel.

  3. I'm yet to make it into the city for the Myer Christmas windows. Was it mental??? Oscar went in last week with a school excursion and reported that they couldn't even get close to the windows! Merry Christmas Mel to you are your lovely fam. x

  4. Thank you for the reminder....I need to do this too!
    enjoy Love Heidi
    Love your little men all lined up, they are so precious!


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