Thursday, November 22, 2012

and here we go...

I'm being completely controlled by pregnancy hormones, they've taken over the rational side of my brain and I'm taking a crazy ride on that dreaded emotional roller coaster!  Tears welling up in my eyes over nothing, snapping at my gang over everything, and a desperate need to feel things are in control and in order around here.

Alls great health wise, feeling good, heavy but good.  This little bubba is super hyper and moves constantly, which I love.  I talk to it when it moves, it's like I have company all day long, of course anyone looking on would think I was a bit crazed talking to myself, but we're bonding this bub and I.

The lead up to Christmas is always so busy and gets me a bit wound up, there's so much to do towards the end of year and I feel the need to eliminate stuff, just random stuff that we seem to have everywhere.  This year it's even more overwhelming.  With the business, the new baby, and christmas I'm on a Spring cleaning frenzy!! I've wacked a heap of things on line and sold them overnight, that's actually quite addictive and very cleansing! I've thrown away anything that lies in my path (lego beware!) booked the scrap metal guy to do a pick up and hired a skip for the weekend.

Amidst, this crazed clean out, there's life, the everyday stuff that you can't just eliminate.  Staying in tune with our boys, how they're feeling about all the changes going on around here, how this is affecting them, not to mention what's going on in their own worlds.  The big boys had a big year with lots  trying times but it all seems to be on the improve.  He wanted to apply for the chance to join hundreds of other 11yr olds from all around the world on a camp to India, and while I was excited about such an opportunity and experience for him, the quiet relief I feel that he missed out is like a weight off my shoulders and my heart.  India, for goodness sake! All I could think of was Slum Dog Millionaire! Today he's been short listed and has an interview for a school leadership position as one of next years grade 6 students.  I'm so proud of him just to have been short listed.  If this is as far as it goes I couldn't be prouder.

The middle guy, he's had an unusual year.  I can't say grade two has been his best year, in fact if it wasn't for everything else this would have been the perfect year for us to hitch up a van and take that trip around the country, he certainly would have learnt a lot more than I think he has in class.  But he does love it.  He's a cruiser, and this year has certainly been a cruise.  Emotionally though, he takes things in his stride a little too much.  He's easy to overlook because he handles it, accepts it and gets on with it.  I need to make more time for that one.

The little guy has had his best year yet.  His tempers are lessening and he's thriving at school.  To think how worried I was about him entering the big wide world of school.  He's super excited about this new baby and being a big brother.  He kisses and hugs my belly constantly, and is completely in love with baby already.        

It's all ramping up big time.  I knew it would, and I've tried to prepare myself but boy oh boy, as the pressure of starting a business and learning all there is to learn builds,  it's all I can do to keep my head above water right now and it's only going to get harder.  Of course, it's all going to be worth it in the long run, I know that too.

..excuse the quality of the above pic, I had to download it directly from IG as blogger says I've used up all my photo quota??



  1. oh Mel. That photo is such so beautiful !
    You certainly have loads going on but you sound like you are thriving (and cleaning!)
    So pleased to hear that you and bub are thriving.
    Enjoy the lead up to Christmas and bub's arrival.
    Dee x

  2. Gorgeous photo, one to treasure. I always go into Spring Cleaning mode this time of year too and it does feel good to sort it all out. Good luck to your son with his leadership position. I hope you are finding a minute to rest in all your rushing around. x

  3. Looking wonderful Mel! We are just as excited as your little people to meet this new addition to your lovely family!

  4. Oh Sweetheart. Such a moving photo and so wonderful to enter your headspace for a moment. You are doing such an amazing job. Take a bow, my friend! J x

  5. Your amazing......The most accomplished mom ever, career woman with her mom crown worn proudly.....I love how you treasure every moment of everyday!!!
    The next chapter of your life is unfolding how exciting.....I have baby envy, Phil was holding babies at church the other day and asked me ....I told him go home and hold his puppy at 44, that ship has sailed.....Love Heidi

  6. Oh that gorgeous round belly!

    I hope you can try to get some time to just switch off and relax before bubba arrives! x

  7. So much going on in your world!

    I hope you find some time and space for feet up and relaxation. Difficult at this time of the year. . . but you must!

    rachel xo

  8. emotions seem to get pushed right out of you when your pregnant, theres not much room for holding onto emotional "stuff". your belly looks amazing and perfect. your in my thoughts often. xx


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