Friday, October 12, 2012


a peachy little something..
a loose, drapey, springtime piece..
a shrug..
a scarf.. 
a cowl..

I wasn't sure where I was going with it when I started, but I'm mostly happy with the result.  I think perhaps I should have made it a bit longer, maybe, maybe not..

It's light weight and versatile, and easy to throw on when theres just a slight chill in the air. I'm thinking it'll be a handy piece to have this spring and summer time..

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  1. I could have used something peachy like this, this morning. It's a little on the cool side here.

  2. Very nice - although this morning here you needed thermals! So much for spring ?!?!?

  3. Well, that is is a pretty peachy shawl:) It looks delicate and feminine.

  4. I love it, it's really beautiful. Looks perfect to wear this time of year. Gorgeous colour. Have a great weekend:)

  5. It's gorgeous of course! I really like the colour...I've been seeing a lot of it in the shops lately.

  6. I really love that Mel, so very you!

  7. LOVE this- so versatile. Do you have a Ravelry page with pattern details?

  8. This is beautiful I love the light airy ones in summer......we are on the heels of snow...were praying we can get a roof on a house before it cold already up here, 26 degrees in the mornings!
    I'm so sorry I missed your sons 11th birthday....such a handsome cutie pie!
    Hope your having a wonderful pregnancy...such a cute baby bump!

  9. I love this peachy color and the delicate weave it has to it. Lovely!


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