Wednesday, October 10, 2012


he's eleven today, I can't quite believe it!

I still remember like yesterday those bouncy Mr.Magoo cheeks
your busy little ways, always with tool box in hand no matter where we'd go
your no pants phase, just undies and gumboots thanks!
your song and dance in the living room, you'd never participate in the toddler music group but you'd sing your heart out all the way home..
your quirky little mannerisms 
when you'd be Jamie Oliver helping Dad in the kitchen
your gang of imaginary friends, Piglet, Christopher Robin and Tigger..oh the number of times I'd drive off and you'd scream out for me to stop because we'd left one of them behind.
Nemo! you wore out the first dvd and we had to buy another.  I think your daddy read that book to you a bazillion times every night for a year
there was always business to attend to when you started school, you'd come home and be one of the office staff making announcements and getting things done
your imagination has always been one of your most special traits..though it was a bit stressful at times when teachers and relatives would question me about my leaving you in charge of your baby brothers while I went out to shop, how we lived above the fish 'n chip shop, or the travelling the world in a combie story..

now, look at you, growing up and we are so proud of who you are
your writing blows my mind, it is a gift
when you loose yourself in your drums, it's sounding really good!
that wacky sense of humor, its a bit beyond your years..
when you laugh so hard at something, usually your dad, you can't breathe and I can't help but laugh with you
the way your brothers look up to you and lovingly hang off everything you say
your random hugs, I love how you hug me so often for no reason at all
your plans to travel Europe
your dreams of what you might be when you grow up, the possibilities are endless, truly
you are always right by my side at the moment, like you're keeping watch, looking after me, and I am treasuring every moment.

Happy Birthday beautiful boy, we love you! x


  1. Happy Birthday young man !
    Mel, this is such a beautiful post. What an amazing boy you are raising. I love that he is watching out for you.
    Happy day of celebrating, dee x

  2. Happy Birthday to your gorgeous gorgeous boy!!
    It goes too quick doesn't it?!XX

  3. Happy Birthday to your beautiful son. He sounds so much like my second son, they really are so special. x

  4. What a lovely post. Beautifully written.
    Huge birthday wishes to your big boy.

  5. You just brought out my sooky la la.

    Happy birthday to you BOTH.

  6. Mel, you've said that so well, I feel as though I know him..very special.

  7. so beautifully written. happy birthday to your precious boy xx

  8. A very happy birthday to your special sounding young bloke! xo

  9. Oh what a beautifully written ode to your big boy. It nearly made me cry. Such a special gift for them.

  10. Gorgeous! You write the most beautiful things for your boys. x


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