Saturday, October 6, 2012

52 weeks of grateful..sunshine

this week I am forever grateful for sunshine!

(my bob and mabel skirt from here)

the sun has been shining down these holidays and oh my goodness does it feel good!  Last week we revelled in our first real beach day of the season, feeling soft sand between our toes and cool (icy cold, actually) crystal water splash over us.  It was the little guys first time back since the 'crab attack' last summer, so he was taking things very carefully, thoroughly checking waters before he'd take a step.  All was clear, at least of crabs, we did spot a stingray..

watching teenagers hurl themselves off the pier, wishing they could join in, but knowing they'd be way too scared, not to mention the sign says 'no jumping off the pier!' they're sticklers for rules, law abiding little folk..

quiet moments under shady trees, contemplating, dreaming and picnicing, we've had so many picnics..

days and days of fun in the sun..

These two crack me up, best of friends, they have so much fun together.  They fight, they make up within minutes, they 'get' each other completely.  Hubby always says they remind him of the two crazy possum brothers from Ice Age, Crash and Eddy..he's right, they really are just like them!

So it's sunshine I'm grateful for this week, feeling rejuvenated after a very long, cold winter.

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  1. You live in such a lovely part of the world... how could you not be grateful for the gorgeous sunshiney weather! Your boys are such spunks! Love that they love the rules!!!!!

  2. Cute little brothers enjoying time together .. You couldn't ask for more than that! :)

  3. Your guys are just delightful. The sunshine and beach visits have been a great surprise this holidays.

  4. I am so jealous of Australians right now. We've had our sunshine here in the UK I'm afraid and are heading into Autumn. Still, I kinda like autumn really and I love Christmas so I guess it's not all bad :)


  5. We've been having some real spring weather here too, and I LOVE it! xo

  6. oh ! how good was that sunshine ? AND.....where did it go ?
    Beautiful post Mel.

    It would be great to see you at our lil market next market.....if you do make it, make sure you say hello !

    Have a beautiful weekend, Dee x

  7. Oh gorgeous, sounds like your holidays are going wonderfully and it is so lovely that your boys are best buddies. :)

  8. Such gorgeous happy boys Mel! Love your images. Especially love your nesting post. Hope all is well with you xx

  9. That's sunshine and light right there, Mel. Love them and love your photography so much. x


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