Monday, September 3, 2012

me, my boys and my bump..

 a day out with all my guys enjoying glorious sun...
in the past it's been rare for me to be infront of the camera, I'm always the one behind it, but this time was surprisingly a nice change...
the Mr has gone slightly picture crazy, it's been a while since he's been behind the lense
and he's having a ball!  

He's remembering how much fun it is, this time without worrying about running out of film, no dark room and tedious developing (when I said a while, I mean a WHILE!)..

 just random shots..
 as many as his heart desires..

turning an ordinary day into something special.


  1. Nice for you too, to get a few pics of 'the bump'!

  2. Yep I am shocked to see you but I love it..You are gorgeous girly as is that bump..:)

  3. Beautiful! I've been reading 'Elevate the everyday. A photographic guide to picturing motherhood.' I think you would love it. I found it at my local library. :)

  4. YOU LOOK GORGEOUS!!! Love your bump, and your super handsome boys! Best big brothers evah!

  5. Just precious, Mel. Thanks to the Mister for his handiwork! J x

  6. Gorgeous pictures, your bump looks soo neat :)

  7. how gorgeous are you and your little bump. x

  8. Beautiful photos of your beautiful family!

  9. Goodness you do pregnancy glam. Stunning images, i bet that is one much kisses belly from ALL your boys, gorgeous Mel, just completely beautiful. Love Posie

  10. Cute photos and SUCH a cute bump!!

    rachel xo

  11. Look at that gorgeous photo of you and your baby bump, just beautiful. Your hubby has captured some lovely moments from your day. xx

  12. Mel,
    This is such a beautiful post. Love that your Mr is getting behind the camera....
    You look beautiful.
    Yes, here's hoping that those beautiful Spring days become more consistent.
    Dee xxx

  13. Lovely lady! I have been rubbish and only now catching up with your baby news!!!! Congrats to you all!! You look beautifully blooming in these pics! I hope you are getting some valuable time to put your feet up and crochet, although I see from your fb page that you are as busy as ever whipping up cosy lovelies! x


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