Saturday, September 1, 2012


 we headed out early this first day of Spring..
treated ourselves to breakfast, then wandered hidden paths..

climbed, ran, explored...
 and jumped!

smelled the sweetness in the air and remembered those pretty yellow buttercups that glow under your chin.. 
it was still cold early this morning, but Spring is here and boy does it feel good!

the washing dries, is brought in and put away
we have lunch and read the paper outside on the deck with glorious warm sunshine on our backs
kids can be heard playing in neighbouring yards, lawn mowers are on the go
blossoms bloom on our fruit trees
and doors and windows are open to let the outside in..

Spring is here HOORAY!! 


  1. "Do you love butter?" we used to ask as we'd grind a buttercup under the chin of a friend..when we were little..hehe! Some things don't change much. Yay! Spring's here!

  2. Yippee, Mel! I hope it's a sunny portent of what's to come for you. J x

  3. Yay!!!!! I am SO thrilled Spring is here! Beautiful photos of your outing

  4. We are also welcoming Spring with open arms. We've had a tough winter health wise & looking forward to some nice warm sunny days. Lovely photo's of the boys exploring as boys do!:)

  5. Loving the spring sunshine we had today!

  6. Isn't Spring a beautiful season, it's my favourite and it looks like you celebrated it in a wonderful way. xx


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