Tuesday, August 28, 2012

at our place...

*garden bread recipe compliments of Kate

last week was a week of soaring emotions, both irrational and justified,
a week of making the most of opportunities to get out into that fresh crisp ocean air, collecting treasures and playing make believe
a week of trying new things, learning new skills and playing with the new camera
a week of making and gifting and naps in the middle of the day
of fuelling our bodies with good nutritious food and baking lots of tasty treats
a week of immense pride in our big boys amazing talent for writing, and a growing personality that seems destined for the stage
a week of de-cluttering, buying fresh flowers, dinner guests and the odd tantrum
of nursing sick boys in the middle of the night, and sipping on good old fashioned cold remedies
and a week of decompressing and looking very much forward to Spring...


  1. What a week..a microcosm of life itself..ups and downs!

  2. You live in such a lovely neck of the woods. Hope you are feeling all well and good and things are moving along nicely. x

  3. The tulips look very lovely. I too am looking forward to Spring.

  4. Mel I just read your last few posts, I'm so lazy about reading blogs these days! But I always come back to yours, you have such a lovely way with words and photo's and ideas. I am so thrilled for you, I just know that your new baby will bring such joy and happiness into your family. What a shame you had to experience a rather ruthless approach upon finding out. While focusing on all the statistics they failed to care for you as they should have. This makes me very sad. I had Rosie at 39, and what a precious gift she has been. Wishing you all the best for healthy and happy pregnancy, take care beautiful xo

  5. Lovely photos taken with your new camera. We also are looking forward to spring, over all the illnesses in our house. Today here is a beautiful sunny day, feels like spring yeah!!:)

  6. Hi Mel,
    Beautiful photos. I love the collected treasure in hoodie pocket.
    I hope you are well - thankyou for your email.
    Spring and a much better season is almost upon us.
    Have a lovely weekend, Dee x

  7. Oh my goodness what a beautiful week you all had.....I loved your outfit, too!
    We had the best family vacation ever...it was so fun making memories with the kids!


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